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  • Win10 May Uninstalled – Wait for June “Approval”

    Posted on WSTerryGH Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

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        AskWoody Plus

        Hi Folks – my basic question is that after having a problem with the May updates, I have uninstalled the main ones and all is ok now (e.g., no longer freezing, or locking up on closing down the system)  — should I reinstall these prior to the June updates (tomorrow Jun09?) or wait until later in the month when Woodie gives the all clear for June’s updates?

        Here is a summary of Actions taken:

        • Resumed update (per Woody’s emails, had them on pause until mid Jun)
        • Two items appeared  – one for 2004 and one cum update (previously all updated thru April)
        • Began to update – no choice to de-select 2004 so it was installed with the other cum update item
        • Tested key software – major mem hogs like stock trading sw (TOS) froze
          • Would not restart or separately shutdown (had to manually turn off Alienware R5 machine)
          • Some programs would not load at all or loaded and froze up)
        • Uninstalled MS Windows 10 updates that I could (two security updates did not allow for uninstalling)

        After all this – things appear to be working but should I attempt reinstall May updates before Jun come around or wait until June is cleared by Woody?  Related to that, is there a way to NOT update 2004 even though that seems to be locked in, see below:


        FYI the “about Pc” is now showing on this AAR5 machine that is about 3 yrs old (used heavily 8+ hrs per day)- it is an Alienware Aurora R5 with 16 GB ram and 64bit op system;  The software info is shown as:

        Edition Win10 Pro

        Version 2004

        Installed on 6-7-20

        OS Build 1904.1

        The above is info after uninstalling the two MS Windows updates that I could (ignored the MS Office 2010 updates).

        Thanks in advance for your help … TerryGH

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        AskWoody Plus

        Avoid v.2004 as long as possible! Eventually we will all have to install it but MS really ***** on this one so far! Some have installed and reported no issues but most find v. 2004 will turn the fastest machine into a boat anchor until it is uninstalled. Wait to install when MS gets their collective act together on this update.

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        AskWoody Plus

        Thanks for the quick reply — I had read the emails and warnings to avoid 2004 and that was my intention but did not see a way to de-select it.

        Am I correct by waiting until late June or even July update for this site to approve V2004 I should just avoid all updates until that time?  Or is there a way to de-elect the update for 2004?  As I said all seems to be working ok now so hopefully I can just wait until we get the all clear for v2004.

        Thanks again … TerryGH

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          AskWoody Plus

          Your version and build numbers indicate that you have already upgraded to 2004 (but it is not true that “most find v. 2004 will turn the fastest machine into a boat anchor until it is uninstalled”).

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        AskWoody Plus

        Related to that, is there a way to NOT update 2004 even though that seems to be locked in,

        You are already on version 2004.
        You can restore to previous OS version
        Or, restore from your last image backup.

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        AskWoody Plus

        Thanks for all of our help  — I am still not sure how I managed to stay in V2004 after uninstalling all the non-security updates that I saw for Win10 (I ignored all those Office related), but I am now “safely” back in v1909 and my settings are not to check updates until Jun30.

        Am I correct in assuming that waiting until I read in Woody’s emails June updates are ok to install, when I do get the updates they will include those I passed on in May?

        More importantly, how do I avoid upgrading to v2004?  As mentioned in my original post, when I received the May updates, the v2004 was already being processed.  I obviously would like to avoid this problem in the future.

        Thanks again, folks …. TGH



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        AskWoody Plus

        This is just a quick update to my post on July 8th #2278732 — re Win10 Pro v1909- concerns on being forced to update to V2004

        1:  I followed the advice from PK re changing Group Policy for Windows to show the intended updates ;

        2:  After rebooting still nothing was being shown in the downloads and the only option of updates was to “Resume Updates (no chance per the Windows article to download V2004)

        3:  As before, let the system complete its “upgrade” to v2004 anticipating I would need to repeat what I did last month (Jun06?) and revert to prior setup;

        4:  Initially (last night Sat 7-11) v2004 seemed to be working ok  – no problems were noted

        5: …but this morning when I restarted my Win10 then on V2004 – there was a long delay and then got an error message ala Thermal Controller: Initialization Exception “…. long text in small print

        6:  Win10 did eventually load (apparently ok) but then both FF and Chrome were very slow in response and went back to Setting-Update-Recovery and reverted to V1909 build 18363.836 … and all seems well and have pushed no updates until Aug16.

        Since it seems my machine has been “picked” by the MS crew to auto update to v2004 without a choice to opt out, AND all is operating now well, my current plan is not to do any updates until the pros here at AskWoody say it is clear to upgrade to v2004.

        No need to respond, unless I am obviously missing something obvious.  Thanks again to all that have helped ….  TGH

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          AskWoody MVP

          Hello @WSTerryGH-

          It sounds like you adjusted the Group Policy to #2, notify for download and install, which should give you better control in the future…

          If you had been using Pause updates, and unpaused, or the time run out, then Group Policy is ignored, and then you get all the updates that had been paused. So don’t use Pause when utilizing Group Policy. I’m concerned that having ‘pushed no updates until Aug16’ means you are using Pause, and will confront the same problem, once again, on Aug16.

          You don’t mention using wushowhide, but it will allow you to hide unwanted updates… so you get notified of an update (per Group Policy), and you don’t want to install it… then run wushowhide to hide it. Then wait for Windows Update to check for updates, so it is no longer seen in Windows Update. I had to wait (and wait) six days for W10 to stop notifying me of the update and finally Windows Update re-checked for updates, and the unwanted update was gone. @PKCano says it usually takes 24-36 hours, and usually my machine rechecks at least once a day, but actually took six days before it would recheck and clear that unwanted update! Some people aren’t patient, and end up installing an update that they thought was hidden.

          Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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      • #2279722 Reply
        AskWoody Plus

        Many thanks for the clarification, Elly — and you are right, I didn’t realize the “pause updates” would in effect negate the benefits of the Group Policy change. Since my machine is working fine right now and I need it fully operational this week, I will wait to “resume updates” (and let Group Policy #2 do its thing) next Friday eve or early Saturday in case I need to recover again from v2004.

        I did read about the wushownhide app but thought changing Group Policy would be all that I needed to do. I have done a quick search and see the free ware can be found in many places – do you or Woody suggest any one site over the other.

        And last for now, am I correct since I have to wait until next weekend to hopefully get everything in order, I can go ahead and download (and install if necessary) anytime I can this week so I will be ready for removing pause? I am guessing that the immediate benefit will be to hide the upgrade to v2004 (or I should hope so).

        Thanks to you and others for the help….TGH

      • #2279741 Reply
        AskWoody MVP

        wushowhide is from Microsoft… @PKCano has a link to its download page in Guide for Windows Update Settings for Windows 10. Take a little time to review how to use it… when you are ready. Always click on advanced and remove check mark from ‘apply fixes automatically’ and then it will show you what is available, and you can check or uncheck from there.

        When it comes time for you to update, don’t change the Group Policy setting. Un-Pause. Run wushowhide immediately and hide any updates you don’t want. Hiding updates is completely reversible, so don’t worry about changing your mind later. It takes time for updates to download, but if any that you’ve hidden show up in Windows Update, do not touch the download button. You can try and clear the cache, or wait for Windows Update to re-scan on its own (that’s where I had to wait 6 days)… but if you truly don’t want that update, wait for it to disappear from within Windows Update. It will, if hidden with wushowhide, be gone after W10 checks for updates on its own. Next time, don’t use Pause, and you can simply hide any updates that you are notified of (not the definition updates for Microsoft Defender) and wait until the DEFCON level changes to un-hide and install them.

        Happy updating!

        Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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      • #2279863 Reply
        AskWoody Plus

        Morning Elly …Thanks for the link to the PKCano article, and the great overview on using wushowhide in conjunction with the changes to Group Policy.

        I’ll followup with (hopefully) a quick post when I get this Win10 Pro update process relatively under control….have a good week.


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      • #2280236 Reply
        AskWoody Plus

        Hi again Elly  … I thought it would be the end of the week before dealing with this again, but after getting Woody’s reminder of the July updates coming tomorrow (Tues Jul14 apparently) I initially thought I should remove the pause so the Group Policy would take affect for tomorrow.

        When I first looked at setting/update I saw files to download and thought maybe the July updates were already here.

        On closer look its the updates are for antivirus so going ahead — and yeah as expected, its doing the auto-downloading  of v2004 grrrr.  Expected this to happen so not totally surprised but thought I could get away with it.  In any case, hope the recovery process goes as quickly as last time, and will hopefully avoid problems tomorrow with the July update.

        Fingers crossed ….  TGH

        PS One quick question for an expert with metered connections  — I read PK’s summary re wushowhide and noticed the need to use metered connections to have it function correctly  — is there a downside to keeping Win10 Pro on metered connect all the time?  I have Comcast triple play so there is no need for it, but just wanting to avoid having to use every day.

        • #2280292 Reply
          Da Boss

          Please read the caveats for using Pause and Metered connections in Sections 3 and 4 of AKB2000016. If you don’t understand the implications, you may get a surprise.

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      • #2280269 Reply
        Paul T
        AskWoody MVP

        I have my 2 W10 Home boxes set to metered. No issues in general use, but new hardware sometimes won’t be set up correctly – it complains.
        You can change the behaviour under Devices > Bluetooth & other devices, Download over metered connections.

        cheers, Paul

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        AskWoody Plus

        PaulT — Thanks for jumping in re your metered connections experience but after re-reading PKCano’s warnings, it seems I should re-think that approach that I thought I read in another article that indicated I needed to use metered connections when using wushowhide.

        PKCano – I do appreciate your suggestion that I re-read Sections 3 and 4 of AKB2000016.  I did so, actually a number of times, and the end line is what I am going thru right now ala “I do not recommend using Metered connections if you are using deferrals and GP “2.”

        The good news is that I did steal the time last night to un-pause my W10 Pro box and as expected it went thru the auto update to V2004 which I then later last night used the recovery tools to revert to v1909.  So that is where I sit with GP2 set as previously mentioned and wushowhide downloaded but not used.

        So as of now my Windows Update page still shows that I am up to date as of last night at 10:09 pm with the box below it saying “check for updates” but will hold off on that for now, since it seems even with the warning from this site yesterday about July updates being forced thru, my GP2 setting (and no pause in effect) I at least don’t have to worry about having any new updates being pushed down to me until I am ready to deal with it.

        All thoughts will be appreciated … TGH

        • #2280614 Reply
          Paul T
          AskWoody MVP

          I should have mentioned my boxes are W10 HOME.

          cheers, Paul

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