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    I may make one more major upgrade to my primary PC after Xmas and looks like Win10 Pro retail has left production.  Can’t see it anywhere across Amazon/Newegg/PC Part Picker etc.

    I can still use my existing Retail License on new system but was hoping to use it for a backup or other purpose.

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      Most of the planet are yielding to the push for the new thing due to the nearing end of Windows 10 support, which means the high volume players are trying to offload systems they (for whatever reason) consider will be hard or impossible to sell with Windows 11.. but basically if you intend on keeping a Windows 10 box for backup you could maybe use one of those depending on what your plans are longer term.

      At present the UK dell factory update will sell you a Windows 10 machine starting just over £200 – the Windows license “purchased” was just over £100 (though I went the other way and bought a trash Windows 7 and configured it for 10 to get digital entitlement back when Windows 10 was the new thing..) so I’m guessing these systems won’t make Windows 11 without some form of intervention..

      Perhaps you need to do some careful shopping (plenty of posts around about what will and won’t work with Windows 11 PRO as well .. they’re linking later Windows 11 Pro licensing to processor security features and we don’t know where that road will end.. it might mean an unexpected drop to home version at some point?) and don’t pay too much- perhaps look at and search for similar to the following before buying anything..


      If you actually need a license speak to Microsoft about it (activation line) – they should be willing to sell one (in which case you just use the usual Microsoft download site and media to reinstall) but if you’re polite with them and explain as long as you’re not trying to breach the licensing they’re usually helpful (so basically you have three identifiable hardware items change and activation will be problematic so if you change the motherboard and you never use the LAN port, turn it of as that’s one easily identified..) Xeon chips even need a Windows 10 workstation license. I have no idea how that’ll plan out Windows 11 wise..)

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      Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Pro 64 bit are available from TigerDirect, Micro Center, and CDW as of this morning 12/1/2022.

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      What OS are you currently running? If it is Windows7 or Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, some have report that the Windows 10 upgrade works for them. But some mentioned it does not. YOu can try that road and save some money.

      Or keep your current OS. I am still running on old Windows Xp since I am very poor. Plus Windows Xp is stil working fine. I do have a Windows 7 but have not used it online for years after MS start the Windows 10 force update.

      Another option is to join Windows 10 Insider and test their OS for free. Windows 10 Insider give a beta version of OS to use. It is functional. Currently in my opinion Windows does not have a test development team and use all Windows Home users as their test bed to see what goes wrong.

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        Running Win10 Pro on my main PC and if I upgrade in January I will want to fresh install and clean up all my storage/OS drives.

        The new License would be for that and then use my existing license to either use on an existing laptop or an older PC for backup/projects.

        I’ll make a sourcing decision this week.

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