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    This one’s been brewing under my radar for quite some time, it seems. I remember the “Audio in games is quiet or different than expected” bug introduc
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      I have an ASUS desktop PC Asus M11AD and fortunately have no audio problems at all. I have installed all Windows updates and currently running version 1903 (OS Build 18362.418). So far so good.

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      My guess is that running LatencyMon loads a low level I/O hook, when when repeatedly called by LatencyMon, prevents an audio DLL from continuing to process bad sub-code which is causing latency.

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      How do you test an OS for all motherboards over the last 15+ years, variations of wi-fi and ethernet, sound cards, driver variations for those and other cards or onboard chip sets, and numerous variations of Windows for the past 10 years?

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        How do you test? By running through test conditions, of course. Using a representative sample of the discrete parts and pieces you list, assembled in various combinations, you can create a matrix that covers a very large portion of the possible universe.

        Two methods have been tried. Controlled, where a professional quality control team runs a documented series of tests. Or uncontrolled, where you convince the consumer public that they are just as qualified to do testing as engineers with a designed plan.

        I’ll leave the conclusion of which is the superior method to each reader.

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      Host Signal Processing a reliable clever working invention and great for keeping wallets weightier for all parties involved in the transaction for the device. In the late nineties soft modem (Winmodem) drivers could slow overall operating system response times, even while idling waiting for input. Soft modems were reliable like the real hardware but saving money ended up costing you!

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      As a Linux user, it always amazes me how we can make amazing 3D graphics run so smoothly, even to the point of doing real-time path tracing, but sound is still a problem in 2019, not only sometimes on Linux, but apparently on Windows as well.


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      My suspicion is that running LatencyMon simply forces the timer resolution to be high enough to prevent stuttering.

      This would make sense considering one of the workarounds is DISABLEDYNAMICTICK.

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      This feels like a classic race condition bug in the Windows driver model (WDM).  I can’t tell you how often we’ve run into these when hooking in a debugger, which causes performance delays, which would result in a no-repro on a bug.

      ~ Group "Weekend" ~

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