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    Never let it be said that the Windows Insider rings are well defined. Microsoft’s putting the finishing touches on the next new version (“feature upda
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      Woody: I think you missed a digit on a couple of items. Instead of 18262.1004 and .1005, it should be 18262.10014, and .10015.


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      18363 is not real version number, it’s just registry value manipulation
      the underhood real build will be be always 18362

      it’s only extra tiny update that enable the 19H2 features after installing 18362.327 (yes, that’s the CU build number)

      regardless the mess, this is nice move 🙂
      now they could deliver the same CU for 1903 and 1909, but the latter will have extra features enabler

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        I wonder if that’s the intent – to release simultaneous monthly cumulative updates for both 1903 and 1909?

        There are so many questions about this feature-update-as-a-quality-update stuff….

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      The fun part is that those 10014/10015 builds fail to install (at 100%…) if the user ran Microsoft’s disk cleanup tool after installing a previous build (10012/10013). Well! Microsoft didn’t care to fix the bugs introduced in previous service packs (1809/1903) so 1909 will be a no-go as well. Unfortunately, 1803 is near end-of-support and customers will have to stick with unsupported Windows versions until the ‘experts’ at Microsoft get real. Wishful thinking, right?

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        My Release Preview machine can’t get past 18362.327 – which is the “base” beta test version of 1903.

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      We got completely lost here, what to upgrade 1803 to now? 1903 or 1909? Can’t follow it at all anymore and prefer to stay on 1803 to be honest, that works more or less ok for us.

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        These are all test versions. They’re not for mere mortals.

        My old advice still stands – I use 1809, but there’s no pressing reason to move from 1803 for a couple of months. I still think of 1903 as not ready for my prime time. That may change if 1909 is more stable.

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        Just stick with 1803 even when running out of support at the end of the year. Skipping a few updates until 20H1 gets released in spring next year doesn’t let the sky fall. And in the worst case, there’s still Windows 8.1 with support until 2023+.

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          ok, thanks (and also thanks to other anonymous…), we’ll just wait a bit more then with upgrading. Prefer to skip 1809 also, otherwise we’ll have to upgrade yet again soon. Don’t know what is going on with Microsoft, but their pushing behavior starts to be annoying (understatement). We already steer away from Windows, but some pc’s – too recent to replace economically – still run it. :-/

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      Regarding the last update from Thurrott

      there are 8 preview builds released for 1909 so far, among them 4 in the main stream

      on Release Preview Ring, you get 18363.327

      or Slow Ring, you first get 18362.10005 or 18362.10006, then get either 18362.10013 or 18362.10014 or 18362.10015

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        Which 4 in the main stream?

        I don’t see 18362.10013. Must’ve been sleeping. 😉

        (On Release Preview there’s a 10% chance that you’ll get an offer to upgrade to… some 18363 branch. I’m not sure which, and have been trying to trigger the offer. It’s also not clear what the offer looks like.)

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      Paul Thurrott has posted an article on his paywall site that says there are “a minimum of” four versions of 1909 (“19H2”) floating around. I’ve seen three, but haven’t seen the fourth — and doubt that it exists. Three. Four. Whatever. It’s still way too many.

      New releases of 19H1 (1903) and 19H2 (1909)

      UPDATE 8/29: We have released 19H1 Build 18362.329 and 19H2 Build 18363.329 to Windows Insiders in the Release Preview ring with the following fixes:

      We fixed an issue where on devices with LTE capability, some SIM cards from certain carriers would not work correctly.
      We fixed several issues resulting in bugchecks on some devices.

      To offer a clarification on these releases – 19H1 and 19H2 share the same servicing content. That means they share the same Cumulative Update package. For the small subset of Windows Insiders (the 10%) in Release Preview who were given the option to install 19H2, an enablement package is downloaded from Windows Update that turns on the 19H2 features. This *changes* the build number for the OS from 19H1 Build 18362 to 19H2 Build 18363. Because they use the same servicing content, the build revision number (the number that comes after the dot) will always match between 19H1 and 19H2. As we continue to test our servicing packages in the Release Preview ring, Insiders on 19H1 and 19H2 will get a single Cumulative Update with the same fixes.


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