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    Hello, this is a domain joined system and the person is working fully remote, on a new (bought in Dec. 2022) Dell Latitude 7430, one of 6 so far purchased and so far the below is only happening to her.  Have Microsoft 365 Office Pro installed.

    The scenario, Dell will be working then the user will loose connection to Outlook, OneNote sync fails and though able to open a SharePoint stored file, won’t be able to save it.  Rebooting the system usually fixes the issue and the person performs a full shutdown each night.  This would happen somewhat randomly every couple of days.

    We now have the system on our bench and the question is, how do we track down the root cause before I call up Dell to get them to fix whatever?

    During the support call, in which all of the above symptoms were expereinced, we observed the following (in chronological order):

    1. Dell was hard wired to Home Network router, unplugged the wire / go wireless, and Outlook immeadiately responded, but that was the only change (OneNote and saving the simple Word SharePoint stored file would hang, no errors reported, waiting several minutes);
    2. On Wireless, fast.com is reporting 330 Mbps down, 40 Mbps up;
    3. Switch to cellular, at 78 down 28 up and still no change;
    4. Rebooting the system allowed the user to once again have full access to OneNote / SharePoint.

    During the remote service call, we were using a RDP program, which disconnected during the change overs, but always recovered with no need to force a reconnection and we had a Teams meeting on throughout, which also recovered.  As such, the network continued working, as we went from wired, wireless, cellular and then back to wireless.

    Yes, I’m not sure this is a hardware issue either, but have to start somewhere before I go down the Dell support root.  Was thinking having the system play long YouTube series and seeing if it failed, but if it’s a Microsoft 365 issue, then that won’t help.

    Look forward to any feedback you may have.

    Thank you,

    IT Manager Geek

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