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  • Win7-Group B. Haven\’t updated since May\’17. What do I do to get updated?

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    Home Forums AskWoody support Windows Windows 7 Questions: Windows 7 Win7-Group B. Haven\’t updated since May\’17. What do I do to get updated?

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      AskWoody Lounger


      I have Win7 and was closely following the Group B security update steps for a while but I basically forgot after some medical problems started happening and I forgot to pay attention. I was consistent until Dec’16. It looks like I got some updates in April and May 2017, and then one update in July ’17 along with a Silverlight update, then one more in January ’18 (KB4034679) and that is it.

      Q: How should I approach getting my system securely updated fully at this point? From what I have intermittently read over this period, the anti-telemetry battle is basically lost, or at least the Group A,B,W thing is pointless now. Maybe that means it is a little easier to update at least.

      Should I just go get all those security updates for all those missing months and install sequentially one at a time? Or is there an alternative?

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      AskWoody MVP

      Start by setting Windows Update to “Never check for updates” before you go online so you will have some control over what is installed.

      + To follow Group B, you will need to start by hiding Monthly Rollups. Beguin wiht 2018-05 Rollup – hide then search for updates, hide the next monthly Rollup, search, until you have hidden all back to Oct 2016. Also hide the telemetry patches.
      + Use AKB2000003 to make al list of the Security-only patches that are NOT installed on your computer. Download these and the latest IE11 Cumulative update.
      + Download KB4099950 from the MS Catalog (there will be two files, an .msu and an .exe).

      There is no need to reboot between the security-only patches.

      + Install the Security-only patches you are missing up to and including Feb 2018
      + Install KB4099950 (double click on the .msu, the .exe will be executed during the installation)
      + Install the remaining Security-only patches and the IE11 CU.
      + Reboot. Wait 15 minutes after logging in to proceed.

      Run Windows Update. Hide any patches you don’t want to install (watch for KB2952664 and hide it). Install the remaining patches. Reboot. Repeat until there are no more patches offered.


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        AskWoody Lounger

        Thank you so much PKCano. I have found a lot of help in some of your earlier posts/comments as well, so thank you for those too.

        I have had “never check for updates” selected all along.


        1. Is Group B (A,W) still a thing? I thought Woody and others, yourself probably included, had determined that it was impossible to do or moot (I don’t remember). In fact, I was following your advice above at first each month (security only monthly one at a time, avoiding telemetry patches, then just the cumulative update for ie. I also did the malicious removal tool i think), but vaguely recall that there was some point where that MS made that strategy not viable to avoid telemetry or something. That might have been the first time I skipped patching before the med stuff.
        2. What about .NET stuff where MS looks to have bundled the two KB4099633 “2018-05 Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 3.5.1…”. Just skip? The only reason I am aware of .NET is because I have Visual Studio ’15 installed. I don’t really use it but I did a tiny bit back in ’15. Should I just hide this any such in prior months?
        3. Should I install or avoid/hide the Malicious SW Removal Tool like KB890830 and for prior months? I think that would be just the latest like IE, if I should install?



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          AskWoody MVP

          Is Group B (A,W) still a thing?

          There are quite a few people still pursuing Group B updating, but it is getting more and more difficult. If you have followed the baove instructions and are up to date with Group B patching, the only thing you have to do to move to Group A is install the latest Monthly Rollup.

          What about .NET stuff

          You should install the .NET ROLLUPS from Windows Update. If the description does not say “Rollup” the patch may be the installer for a later version of .NET (like v4.7.1). If you want to install the later versions, do so, but if not, hide them.

          Should I install or avoid/hide the Malicious SW Removal Tool

          The Malicious SW Removal Tool is OK to install.

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            AskWoody Lounger

            You should install the .NET ROLLUPS from Windows Update.

            Do I need to go in order and install all of this type from oldest to newest?

            If I do need the old ones (in some order) how would I find the old ones?

            Only the current May Security and Quality .NET Rollup is showing currently.

            Re MS removal tool, do I need all of these or just the latest one?

            Thanks again.

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              AskWoody MVP

              If you install through Windows Update, you don’t have to do anything. Windows Update will install the .NET updates for the version(s) you have installed in the correct order. All you have to do is search for updates and install whatever .NET Rollups are checked.

              Same goes for the MS Removal Tool – whatever WU offers is what you need.

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