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    It’s a minor bug, but a pain in the neck. As best I can tell, it only affects Win10 Anniversary Update, version 1607. Post coming in Computerworld.
    [See the full post at: Windows 10 1607 cumulative update KB 4034658 wipes out Update History]

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    • #128598

      Confirmed on my end, at least on version 1607.

      What is the Microsoft’s “Greatest Hits” release date?

    • #128609

      And as a result hidden updates aren’t hidden anymore.

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    • #128613

      I downloaded this update and installed it a week ago with the intention of getting all the way up to date before going to 1703. It reset my history also. I then updated and the history starts all over. Maybe a little push on Microsoft’s end to remind you to update to 1703 ?? Who knows. A couple of minors bugs in 1703 I noticed are: I have a Dell XPS8900 that came new out of the box with 1511 and the screensaver and startup sounds were messed up and didn’t work right. 1607 fixed the problems and 1703, yep, their back. Windows start up sound does not work on initial start up, only on a reboot and the screensaver set to 15 minutes comes on 20 minutes or later, just whenever it feels like it. annoying, but minor. Everything else is working as it should with no other complaints. Using Windows Pro with the options to regulate updates from the settings side without using gpedit is a plus. The other changes are minor and not much difference on the surface between 1607 and 1703, at least for what I use it for.

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    • #128633

      I have Win 7  and group A.  Awhile back my history was wiped out and started over but I don`t remember which update caused it.

    • #128641

      I found the same with 1607, but not my test 1703 images. On 1607, you can go to Control Panel, Programs & Features and click the link to View Installed Updates.  You will find this month’s updates are correctly listed there.

      • #128648

        Sunuvagun! Yes, it’s right there – including an entry for KB 4034658.

        Bizarre! But at least that means the data’s still around, somewhere – just not visible through the Settings app.

        • #128679

          I can also see a update list in the ‘Programs and Features’ Control Panel for Windows 10 1607, however there is much missing data about installed updates. This months cumulative update has not been installed yet, only Flash and the Malware removal tool.

    • #128673

      What is different about other updates which have wiped the history of installed updates?; Without such a bug (or intentional wiping of the database) I should be able to see all activity back to the Windows 10 1607 Anniversary Update.

    • #128688


      Addressed issue that requires the addition of a new client-side Group Policy that optionally disables Dual Scan behavior.

      i believe this new WUA engine feature requires a refreshment of WU Database (i.e. wipe out)

      of course, same WUA version is carried over to KB4034658

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    • #128692

      It’s weirder than that.

      I show previously installed updates in Control Panel, but none in the Update History in the “new” UI.

      WUShowHide.diagcab shows NO hidden updates.  Previously it was used to hide 1703 as well as other driver updates.

      WUShowHide does show several available updates that I could hide, see screen shot. But that list does not show the 1703 feature update.


      Yet 1607 is staying “put” and not trying to force me to update to 1703 on my test workstation when I check for updates.

      ~ Group "Weekend" ~

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      • #128698

        CP Installed Updates list shows the actual installed updates, whether from WU or manually

        Update History (new UI) reference WU database and only shows updates installed from WU

        as you can see in this situation, this database could get wiped out (including the list of hidden updates)

        that’s a good thing then, your OS is not fully applicable for version 1703 😀

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        • #128700

          . . . that’s a good thing then, your OS is not fully applicable for version 1703

          Actually this was one of my systems last week that I had to actively block 1703 on;  it was going full steam ahead when I caught it and blocked that update successfully.  Given how new it is, I would be pretty surprised if it was not compatible, I’m just not quite ready to let it upgrade.


          ~ Group "Weekend" ~

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      • #129162

        The “unhiding” of the updates is related to the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\DataStore.edb reset, where that information is stored.
        This was explained earlier by @MrBrian and @abbodi86 and has been known for a long time.
        Moreover, various Windows Update agent updates produced in the past the same effect on Windows 7 and any other Operating System, so this is nothing out of common and not necessary a bug, but rather an unintended side-effect perhaps.
        Let’s not forget that DataStore.edb is only a cache and resetting a cache by any means including a software install or update does not represent a bug.

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    • #128722

      KB 4034658 wiped my history also on 1607. The only place I could see any history at all was in Programs & Features>installed updates.

      It also wiped out all but my 2 most recent Restore Points for some reason.

      Don't take yourself so seriously, no one else does 🙂
      All W10 Pro at 22H2,(2 Desktops, 1 Laptop).

    • #128779

      Looks like it does the same for Windows 2016 server too.

      • #129173

        Windows 2016 is build 1607 and receives in general the same patches like Windows 10 64-bit 1607, although strictly speaking Windows 2016 is the “enhanced” server version of Windows 10 64-bit LTSB.

    • #128912

      After updating to Creators Update, all previous updates were gone from Update history. The latest and only entry was “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1703”. The history is now divided in two categories: Quality and Other updates.

    • #128938

      Hi together,

      we are using in our company W10 LTSB2016 (1607) and are facing the same problem wiping out the update history. But we have second problem. All clients that got the update KB 4034658 via WSUS not only loose their update history, they also loose the connection to the WSUS-Server. Looking for update will time out with 0x8024401c. All clients that have KB 4034658 not yet installed connect with no problems to the WSUS server.

      Thanks goodness that we rollout client updates only to small number of clients to see what Microsoft put into present box 🙂

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      • #129687

        We are using Windows 10 Pro (don’t know what service channel, if any, it is) but we are having the same issue on a few PCs with 1607 not reporting status to WSUS and giving the same error when attempting to update manually.

    • #128962

      Does this affect anything other than the Update History being blank?

    • #129006

      I’m surprised they acknwoledged the “lost hidden updates”, since Windows 10 WU doesn’t officially or easily allow to hide updates 😀

    • #129011

      I’m a complete idiot with computers, and I was worried about this. But I have found something which may help. Although if you click Update History it tells you that you have no updates yet, it also offers Uninstall Updates. If you click Uninstall Updates, all the updates are listed (for you to choose which one to uninstall if you wish, but that isn’t compulsory? !!!!!

      So your update history is still there, but a little more difficult to get to.

      This works for both the computers in this house.

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    • #129021

      I applied system updates including
      2017-08 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB4034664)
      to my Windows 7 image on 2017-08-08. They when I tried to apply the office updates two times, they did not completely succeed. I have not tried to install the office updates again after that day.

      I just noticed that all of the restore points are missing. This behavior might be related.

    • #129054

      I noticed on my restore points two were made just a couple minutes apart? Very strange, and the rest were wiped after update. Yes, looks as though all my update history was wiped too.

      The saga continues as the Windows world turns.

    • #129082
    • #129090

      My complaints (from Turkish Win 10-64) since last 3 updates of Win 10, I have had Edge browser problems. 3rd update before last, completely erased Edge browser from my laptop and after hard tryings I could regain Edge browser full fresh without bookmarks etc. 2. update before last erased my Edge browser again but I knew the method and I have able to regain it again full fresh. Last update again erased my bookmarks and left Edge browser as full fresh but fortunately not disappeared. I dont mention alse I have lost my update history too.

    • #129473

      I can confirm the problems in reply #128938 – not only with 1607 LTSB, but also with 1607 corp./enterp.

      “Last contact” is still updated in WSUS console, but “last report” is not updated anymore. Which results in those clients no longer manageable through WSUS.
      Regards, TP

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      • #129498

        All 1607 variants edition shares the same WUA infrastructure

        so any issue affect LTSB will affect Home, Pro, Enterprise and even Server 2016

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    • #129528

      Anyone got fix for this?  My history got wiped and the machines is not reporting back to WSUS server.  I tried to uninstall KB4034658 and got a error uninstall it.  Anyone got this fixed?

      • #129532

        History is lost for good
        but you may check this this files which lists installed updates from WU/WSUS


    • #129539

      Even with KB 4034658 uninstalled, I am getting 0x8024401c.

    • #129611

      I can confirm that after installing KB4034658 on Windows 10 (1607) and on Windows Server 2016, the update history has gone and the worst thing – the connection to WSUS is broken with error 0x8024401c

      EDIT html to text

    • #129647

      Another strange thing is happen to our WSUS server since august update.  Every morning I come to work, the WSUS server will get reset node error when I click on refresh button.  I click reset the node and still not working.  It only works after I rebooted.  It will work the rest of the day and then tomorrow happen again.  It has been happen for few days now since I applied the update. Anybody is experiencing that also?

    • #129654

      Ok, I found a article that fix my issue for now.  It looks like the WsusPool service was stop, not sure why.  I follow the article increase the private memory and started  the WsusPool service in IIS.  Anyone know why service stopped?

      Here is the link to article:



    • #129659

      Ok, looks like I fixed the problem.  Well, at least machines are communicating back with my WSUS server.  Here are my steps, I uninstalled KB4034658 and reinstall July cumulative update manually (KB4025339), which I downloaded from Microsoft update catalog.  Now, my machines reporting back to my WSUS server.

    • #129961

      Microsoft have acknowledged issues with KB4034658, like on 1607, a full scan being actioned after install, and high CPU/memory usage problems with WSUS:

      System Center: Configuration Manager
      High CPU/High Memory in WSUS following Update Tuesdays
      August 18, 2017 by Jarrett Renshaw MSFT

      Recently, we’ve seen an increase in the number of high CPU/High Memory usage problems with WSUS, including WSUS in a System Center Configuration Manager environment – these have mostly corresponded with Update Tuesdays.

      Microsoft support has determined that the issue is driven primarily by the Windows 10 1607 updates, for example KB4022723, KB4022715, KB4025339, etc. See here for the list of Windows 10 1607 updates.

      Microsoft is also aware of a known issue with KB4034658 that will cause Windows 10 1607 clients to run a full scan after install – Microsoft is investigating and the latest information is available here.

      These updates have large metadata payloads for the dependent (child) packages because they roll up a large number of binaries. Windows 10, versions 1507 (Windows 10 RTM) and 1511 updates can also cause this, though to a lesser extent. Windows 10, version 1703 is still recent enough that the metadata is not that large yet (but will continue to grow).

      The symptoms include
      * High CPU on your WSUS server – 70-100% CPU in w3wp.exe hosting WsusPool
      * High memory in the w3wp.exe process hosting the WsusPool – customers have reported memory usage approach 24GB
      * Constant recycling of the W3wp.exe hosting the WsusPool (identifiable by the PID changing)
      * Clients failing to scan with 8024401c (timeout) errors in the WindowsUpdate.log
      * Mostly 500 errors for the /ClientWebService/Client.asmx requests in the IIS logs

      Configure IIS to stop recycling the App Pool…

      Read the full blogpost on technet.microsoft.com

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    • #129963

      WSUS issues with Windows 10 Anniversary update with SBS 2011 server (WSUS 3.0)

    • #129972

      From Windows 10: Update history bug documented in KB4034658 (translated from German):

      “The Microsoft Update KB4034658 for Windows 10 version 1607 causes a bug that clears the update history. I tested the whole thing in a virtual machine and documented in the blog post.


      Something has gone wrong during the installation of the update and the updating of the DataStore.edb . Either is a faulty data record in the database, so the history can not be read. Or the content has been set to 0 with regard to the entered data records.”


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      • #129992

        Either is a faulty data record in the database, so the history can not be read. Or the content has been set to 0 with regard to the entered data records

        The database is completely cleaned, and DataStore.edb is deleted, after the reboot i found it at initial size (~2 MB)

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