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    PATCH WATCH By Susan Bradley Yikes! Say it isn’t so! Günter Born reports that a small number of Windows users whose systems have solid-state drives ra
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      As noted in the Gborn thread linked in Susan’s article, CHKDSK fixes logical file system errors that may or may not be caused by a hard disk fault. It is normal practice to fix these errors by running CHKDSK.

      CHKDSK can also be used to scan the entire drive for bad sectors. This use is the subject of much debate, see the aforementioned thread.

      cheers, Paul

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      Susan Bradley writes “Again, my preference for backup software is Macrium Reflect, but use whatever you’re most comfortable with. Most important, test your backup process to ensure your systems can be restored quickly and easily.”

      I have restored my system from a Macrium backup but I’m not sure what is meant by “test your backup process”.

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      Just for giggles, I used CHKDSK on my system – 1 TB SSD Drive as the C: drive, Windows 10 2004). I use Macrium Reflect nightly. It took 10 minutes to get my system back from the dead. I don’t think the problem is fixed it yet.


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      CHKDSK is the least well-documented tool in the entire Microsoft arsenal for fixing things that are broken.  It is also the most dangerous, and among the least effective.

      I have been using CHKDSK (as a last resort) since MS-DOS 3.0, and all it has ever done for me is kill my system permanently.

      My biggest problem with Microsoft systems has been broken system files — of course the Registry — when a system locks up and has to be force-powered off.  I know enough about files to know that if two files become cross-linked, the tail of one becomes part of the head of another, while the tail of the first becomes a loose fragment.

      All that CHKDSK can do is to truncate both files — resulting in two files that won’t run, and a system that still won’t boot.  What the @#!!* use is that?

      Does it really try to do anything else that’s even remotely useful?

      Has anyone found any real documentation on CHKDSK?

      — AWRon

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        Chkdsk is not a substitute for a good backup.

        If your disk is that badly corrupted then it’s time for a rebuild.

        cheers, Paul

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