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    Early last year I began using the calendar that is included with Windows 10 (currently version 22H2). Recently I noticed that several months after an event is added to the calendar it is deleted. I have a local Microsoft account and have not added any programs other than several years of TurboTax.

    How can I stop Windows from deleting old events from the calendar?

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        The referenced Microsoft page is interesting but leaves me confused. It states that emails that are up to three months old can be displayed in the Calendar app by using a PC. That time period is consistent with what I am experiencing. However, I don’t understand what is meant by the statement that “While older events or events far in the future aren’t displayed in the Calendar app, they haven’t been deleted. You can view the events from the web or in another app.”

        How would I “view the events from the web” inasmuch as my PC was set up with a local account, not a Microsoft account?

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          When the article was written, it was possibly presumed that anyone who was using the Mail and Calendar app was also very likely logging into Windows 10 with a Microsoft account.

          The above is but an educated guess based upon the quoted wording of the article referenced by @joep517, and subsequently quoted by @280park .

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      Not being able to view old events in the Windows 10 Calendar app without a Microsoft account is annoying. Going forward I will use a paper calendar.

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      And if old events can not be viewed in the Windows 10 Calendar app without setting up Windows with a Microsoft account does that mean that events entered into the Calendar app are not actually stored locally on my computer but instead are stored somewhere in the cloud?

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      I use Thunderbird for my email accounts and my calendar.

      My calendar has events going back several years.

      Maybe it is time to switch from MS Calendar.


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        JC this has been on my to do list for waaay too long hanks for the reminder, I am hoping that using an ancient version of TB will not be a problem.


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      I had a thread with this same problem, never having set up a Outlook or Google account associated (synced) with it I lost even info I really needed to keep. I tried to find where the info is stored on my PC and how to retrieve it to no avail. It may be possible to boot an older image or restore an older drive image if you have them and get the info and maybe even sync it with say your Google account but that may just open another can of worms. I now do not have a problem because I can go to google calendar after syncing and see what info is now available. Neither MS support or this forum have been any help with this problem, so PLEASE if your searching yields any new info on this let us know here.


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        wavy – If I come across any additional information about how to stop the Windows 10 Calendar app from deleting old events, I will post it here.

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