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  • Windows 10 Constant Crashing

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    I had a computer shop build me a basic desktop pc back in January. I have had crashing issues with it constantly since then. Their response was that I was doing something not compatible with win 10 (which I was not) and they just kept doing a reinstall. I had computers built for many different microsoft systems and never had issues previously.

    If I start normally, it will go to the desktop and then at some point just crash, many times immediately. I have been going crazy trying to figure this out for the past year and just basically keep using my old windows 7.

    I have AMD Ryzen 3 320G W/Radeon Vega 8 graphics 3.6ghz. Ram 8 gb – 5.93 usable,64 bit x 64 processor, windows 10 Pro and SSD 1 TB. Motherboard AMD socket AM4 B450 Ryzen Prime Asus.

    I noticed that in control panel> device manager> security devices>AMD PSP 10.0 Device has a yellow question mark next to it. Driver was updated 6/11/21 to Version which is current. I updated all the chipset drivers from AMD tonight, including the AMD PSP again. Still has the question mark. Device manager states it is working correctly, but the events tab indicates that at the time it was updated, it shows the device configured (oem21.inf) and then at the same time, device not started (amd psp). Info for device has this code: PCI VEN_1022&DEV_15DF&SUBSYS_876B1043&REV_00\4&28505369&0&0241 requires further installation.

    Would this be the reason my computer keeps crashing – mostly at startup, but also random times after running a while.

    I can sometimes keep it running by starting and shutting down three times in succession, but that does not always work either.

    I have tried a lot of troubleshooting the past year, with no success. One suggestion I saw was to check the error reports and it would give the exact cause of the problem, but my computer is not generating those reports.

    Can anyone help please. I will be closing down soon for the night, but will check back in the morning.


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      Try the free edition of WhoCrashed at Resplendence Software – Free Downloads. Install it and run it. Easy to use. See Resplendence Software – WhoCrashed, automatic crash dump analyzer for online help.


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        Thank you. Will try that again.  I did something similar in the past and found that my system does not create small or mini crash dumps.  I tried enabling them, per instructions, and that did not work either.

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      Try memtest86+ , the file auto installer for usb key to check your ram.

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        Thank you.  I will try this again, but have checked the memory in the past and it found there were no problems.


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      Try the free edition of WhoCrashed at Resplendence Software – Free Downloads. Install it and run it. Easy to use. See Resplendence Software – WhoCrashed, automatic crash dump analyzer for online help.

      Or Nir Sofer’s ‘Blue screen of death’, ‘WinCrashReport’

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      I’m confused about the AMD PSP 10.0 security device that has the yellow icon next to it in device manager.  As I understand, this device manages the PC boot process.  Doesn’t that yellow icon indicate that there is a problem and the reason it may not be booting properly?

      When I updated the AMD PSP driver again the other day, the last event shown in the tabs in device manager indicated that the “device was not started”, and under information for the device, it had a code and said “requires further installation”……………yet, device manager says it is working correctly…….not sure how that can be with the yellow icon warning.

      Does anyone have any idea how to get that fixed?  I’ve updated the driver twice (same latest version).  Could that security device be my problem?

      Do the crash reporters suggested rely on the system creating crash dumps?

      Thanks again for the assistance.



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        Some people here think the PSP driver has been put together wrong, who knows it may be possible that a bad driver installation could cause a crash.

        To reconfigure an older AMD system after an update I’ve had to remove the video driver and chipset driver, then use AMD’s cleanup tool. And then install the AMD Chipset driver first and then the video driver if you have an AMD onboard or discrete Graphics card.

        …requires further installation.

        Windows may want to connect “asking” Microsoft’s servers to ‘help’ finish installation of the device, often in normally operating computers this message should not cause alarm.

        Do the crash reporters suggested rely on the system creating crash dumps?


        Open Window Security and click on Device security and then look at Security processor, this can inform you about possible TPM problems.

        But, seeing that you have had continual crashes for nearly a whole year, if you have a bad motherboard it can cause you many strange problems.

        Also, get your computer’s power supply check for proper operation, it too can cause random crashes if the power output faulty.

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      Don’t waste any time; it’s not for you to prove what’s wrong here – back up your data off machine, and take it back to the shop that sold it to you before it goes past a year from purchase as at that point the supplier could legitimately say the warranty on any part you find issue with has expired.. reinstalling the software is NOT a solution to broken hardware so if they insist on doing that, take it home and leave it on but  disconnected from the  Internet (so they can’t accuse updates) and keep firing things up, anything, doesn’t matter what or if it works- just to keep the machine the machine moving between power states and loading and unloading data – persist until it gives out to prove the reinstall hasn’t fixed it.

      Make sure you get some sort of dated receipt so you can prove both that you own the machine, and that if they dawdle and delay to get to a point where the warranty has “expired” you can take this to a legal representative for solution through whatever passes for law in your locality.

      As to what you can do, running MDSCHED will test the memory, CrystalDiskInfo from CrystalDewWorld will check the hard disk isn’t on the way out and to be honest if the chip cooler has fallen off, you didn’t fit it, and if it’s full of dust you could question if it’s up to scratch at all so if you can access some sort of consumer legal aid, consider it.

      You have a problem. Make it the supplier’s problem before you’re stuck with it!

      At this point they could accuse you of loading incompatible software or visiting malware websites just to get it “out of warranty”.


      While rummaging I found the following which sort of implies it might be poorly assembled or that a TPM reset might resolve the issue:


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        Thank you oldguy.  I really appreciate your input about this whole scenario.  At this point I was just hoping to be able to determine what is causing the issue.  I know I will get no where with the computer store, based on my experience from the time this started.  Their answer was to reinstall it, and the third time charged me to do so.  One of the young guys who works for him told the owner that I had three anti virus programs on the computer.  I had to inform him that only one, avast, was an active antivirus and the others, malwarebytes and superantispyware, were not active and only used for on demand scanning.

        I sell online and only installed basic programs:  email, photo tweaking program and libre, etc. so nothing that should conflict.   I was able to get the computer set up between crashes, but never could trust it to do any work on for fear of it crashing in the middle of something.  I just know that somehow they will blame me (not rightfully so), or Microsoft, for the crashing and I am trying to avoid more stress.  This is the fourth computer I have purchased from them and they were all perfect and ran for many years until no longer supported by Microsoft, but that was when the owner was doing the work.  Now I think there are too many fingers in the pie and not just one person set it up. I never want to deal with them again.  But, I really need to get this working, as my windows 7 is probably getting tired.

        I will try testing some of the components again, as suggested.  I would really hope that someone might be able to provide some answers to my questions about the AMD PSP and the error icon in device manager.  Couldn’t that possibly be the issue?

        Thanks again,


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      The post indicated a similar issue, and after they removed and reinstalled memory (hopefully the non POST was because they didn’t pit it back in place correctly), the problem was resolved effectively by upgrading the BIOS and loading defaults (albeit by vector of removing the battery) so as said, best to run a long memory test to be as certain as you can that no corruption will occur in memory during the BIOS update process, and use Crystaldiskinfo to check the hard disk is good (interface remains green post test), before updating anything and definitely after you back anything you need up off the machine to be sure.

      Right clicking the start button then command prompt admin and pasting in the following line should hopefully return the board make and model so you can track down the update:

      wmic baseboard get manufacturer,product

      myself I wouldn’t update from USB as the guy in the post did, purely as it introduces a variable into the process you haven’t examined.  If you’re not confident with this process (which probably means “if you never updated the BIOS on your old machine”) please use the menu top left of the black command window to edit and select all, then edit and copy, and paste it into the post here or writing it down and using your old machine- the info should be a make, and a short alphanumeric string..

      For a more steady upgrade (if confident) place the fully extracted update (ie not the ZIP file)  on the boot volume, as most BOIS code I have seen can access that area in browsing for the update location.

      again in command prompt(admin), the attachments show hot to manually mount the boot volume as drive R – Make a BIOS folder and extract the update in its uncompressed state there.. be sure not to allow a process to alter or overwrite anything (so if folder BIOS exists, pick another name!)

      Then it’s reading the fleeting boot text to see which key to press next reboot to update the BIOS or into BIOS setup to search menu options to do that (notionally, press delete at power up) and into the BIOS setup again to load defaults (may be an option, maybe on the exit of it.)



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        Thank you oldguy!  That looks like very helpful information, but I am novice at working in the bios, etc. so would really have to try to wrap my head around all this.  When I can deal with firing up windows 10 again, I will first check some of the hardware and then try to figure out this bios thing.  I’m afraid I might mess it up.  I was hoping there was a simpler way to fix the issue in device manager, but I’m finding out there is nothing ‘simple’ about working with windows 10.  Windows XP and Windows 7 were both great – never had these issues.

        Thanks again,


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      If you want the crash analysis tools to help you need to check the  System Properties | Advanced (tab) | Startup and Recovery section | Settings. Make sure “Write and event to the system log” is enabled. Make sure that the dump file is configured. If you have plenty of disk space you can disable “Overwrite any existing file”.

      To easily access the advanced tab open a Run prompt (Win + R) and enter “AdvancedSystemProperties” (without the quotation marks. Hit Enter.



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