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    Well its on the eve of another Patch Tuesday, so here’s a little tip for Windows 10 Home users to get some control of those updates automatically. Note This was done and checked on Win 10 Home 1803 but no reason why it shouldn’t work on any other Version.
    First and Foremost Set your Connection to METERED in the Settings GUI SETTINGS->NETWORK & INTERNET->EHTERNET (or WiFi) and set the slider to Metered.
    Next your going to created a Scheduled Basic Task WIN KEY scroll down to WINDOWS ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS select TASK SCHEDULER.
    1. When it opens in the right hand Column select CREATE NEW BASIC TASK
    2. ENTER NAME I just enter “WUMT check for updates”, brief description if you like.
    3. TASK TRIGGER you can Select “when I log on” or “When the Computer starts” your choice.
    4. ACTION select Start a Programme.
    5. See below.
    If your running from the desktop like I am you would replace bob with your name, if your running this from somewhere else you would amend the location, if you have changed the name of WUMT in its current location then obviously amend the syntax to reflect this. But must end in .exe. In arguments it must be entered as illus. -update that makes WUMT work on startup rather than manually start.
    6. Go to Next page and see below.
    7. This should open the Task for the final tweaks Setting run Priviledges and Type of OS Win 10 in this case. Click OK and your done
    8. Select your Task from Menu above to Check your Task doesent create any Error’s or works before closing, it should start and run as per selection below and that’s it.
    Every thing fine So far? Reboot Log Off however you set it, WUMT should start within seconds on the Desktop in seek updates mode, even before Windows update has “Woke Up” enabling you to Hide them, only Downside is and, you’ve probably guessed it, is for probably 29 Days of the Month its going to Bug you but that one day a Month it may well save your Bacon 😉

    PS almost forgot you can find more info and Download link here about WUMT: https://win10.guru/toolkit-item-windows-update-minitool-wumt/

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      I’ve been using a little utility called Windows Update Blocker for the past few weeks and so far it performs exactly as it says with Windows 10 Home.

      The main problem with Windows 10 (at least with Home, probably also with ‘Pro’) is that the Windows Update service keeps switching itself to Manual and then starts downloading/installing any available updates even after you disable it. Not sure if this happens when the computer is started or rebooted or just after a certain period of time.

      (This behaviour, to me at least, seems very similar to how malware operates but I’ll stop there before I go off on a rant).

      Windows Update Blocker ‘protects’ the Windows Update service and prevents it from being changed from your chosen option.

      PC1: Gigabyte B560M D2V Motherboard, Intel i5 11400 CPU, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics Card, 1x Samsung 870 EVO 250GB SSD, 1x Samsung 860 EVO 250GB SSD, Windows 10 Professional 22H2 64bit.
      PC2: Asus H81M-PLUS Motherboard, Intel i3-4160 CPU, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Graphics Card, 1x Samsung 870 EVO 250GB SSD, 1x Samsung 860 EVO 250GB SSD, Windows 10 Home 22H2 64bit.

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        @carl-d I sort of tried to pitch it at the Home user with the mantra behind it that, its quick to set up i.e. less than 5 mins, it doesent entail huge scripts/Batch files to disable WUD that in all likelihood the next Monthly update will reset inc. .Reg settings and has been known and basically to give the average user some Win7 8.1 style control over when, where, and how they will be installed. Any system changes brought on by 3rd Party apps cant be reversed by the next Cumm. update or disabled as simply there’s nothing to mess with. Not a big fan of Disabling WUD in the first place it does have a useful role once in a while I suppose and I could so easily gone down that road.
        Believe it or not? the hardest and most time consuming thing thing was trying to find the -update “switch” to run in arguments, obvious now but took a lot of trial and error, even tried unsuccessfully with a “decompiler” then literally the last gasp I tried -update otherwise it would just have been a reminder flashing up on the Desktop, pretty much of use to no one except starting the WUMT tool manually. There’s lots of tweaks and settings with Task Scheduler to make it all but unobtrusive in day to day operation and I only touched on a couple, virtually negligible impact on start times and performance; To think I joked in one reply “if your feeling adventurous you could always use Task Scheduler” little knowing it would be yet another “Voyage of Discovery” with WUD and WUMT lol 😉

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      Very nice little trick for Home editions, thanks for sharing @BobbyB.

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      Good work!

      It’s a bit late but, link below would have saved you some effort regarding WUMT command line options:


      (You will  have to sign up for an account to view all the posts but, it seems to be the main (English) form for WUMT.)

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