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    About half an hour ago, Microsoft started pushing Win10 as a “recommended” update for Win7 and 8.1. http://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-starts-push
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      I feel sorry for the vulnerable people who place their trust in big corporations to do the right thing by them 🙁

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      What a joke. I have been trying to install Windows 10 on 2 Acer Aspire 5740 laptops since Windows 10 was first made available. The installs have failed with every Microsoft documented failure mode and every recommended fix/patch/uninstall/reinstall has been applied. BTW, I have upgraded 6 laptops, 2 tablets, and a desktop of my own plus many other computers for other folks, so I am no noob when it comes to Windows 10 upgrades.

      If a particular model of computer is on some obviously Microsoft Secret Do Not Install Windows 10 list then do not bug me with attempts/temptations to update.

      Thank goodness for GWX Control Panel, I hope it keeps working.

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      I wonder how many PC’s will see their shadow tomorrow Feb 2, predicting (at least)6 more weeks of Win 7/8.1???

      Or maybe not booting?

      Ugly surprise in store for those who have not yet turned off “recommended” updates.

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      A lot of novices on systems with questionable 3rd party software installed, old printers, probably an older OEM pre-install with EOL designated hardware, auto updates and no recent full system image or file backups.

      So will they accept the EULA? Yep, they reply ‘yes’ to any and all popups. They know no better.

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      “We updated the upgrade experience today to help our customers, who previously reserved their upgrade, schedule a time for their upgrade to take place”

      The part that is puzzling me is the ‘who previously reserved their upgrade’. Curious to see what happens on systems where the upgrade was NOT reserved.

      And curious to find out whether the ‘check’ in the box before Upgrade to Windows 10 will already be placed, just like it did in October (http://www.infoworld.com/article/2993131/microsoft-windows/disable-windows-10-upgrade-nagware-on-windows-7-windows-81-computers.html#comments)

      I’ve got my pc in the recommended ‘Lock Down (search for updates but let me ddecide whether to dowload install them AND unchecked treat recommended updates like important updates), so I should be okay.

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      Good points. I’m writing it up for InfoWorld even as we speak….

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      I just checked Windows Update on my Windows 7 SP1 desktop. I turned on the recommended updates option just to see what would happen.

      Happily, I did not see the Windows 10 “Upgrade” option. But because I have managed to avoid installing all of the previous patches to enable the transition to Windows 10, I did get prompted to install several of those items.

      So it seems that Window 10 can’t proceed without the earlier patches being in place, at least not at this time.

      Naturally, I re-hid all of those Win10 enablers, unchecked the recommended updates item in my Windows Update settings, and will proceed to spend at least a little more time Win10-free on this particular computer.

      Take that, Microsoft. This is my computer, my hard drive space and my bandwith. You will only get access to it if/when I allow it.

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      My W7 x64 machine did its auto check for updates this morning w/ my settings as “check for for updates but let me choose…” and “Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates”. I did not get the W10 recommended update.

      I then unchecked “Give me recommended updates the same way…” and did a second check for updates and received an error indicating “Windows could not check for updates”.


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      Yep, coincidence.

      I haven’t seen the update yet. Just submitted an article on it to InfoWorld. It should be posted in the next hour…

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      Is this perhaps what Windows Update DEFCON level 1 is for?

      I have had the Windows Update service set to Disabled for a while now on my Win 8.1 and 7 systems. It’s a simple matter to set it to Manual and start it if you want to actually check for updates – which I find myself wanting less and less.


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      @Louis: was the update error 80244019? My experience is that this error code usually disappears some time later – it looks like a hiccup with the communications server.

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      FWIW, I updated two computers yesterday morning (the 1st) and there was no sign of Win10 in the updates.

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      MS-DEFCON 1 is entirely dependent on how Microsoft handles the update. If it blows past the registry settings then, yes, definitely.

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      I would imagine it won’t be bothering anybody until “Patch Tuesday”… which is NEXT Tuesday… not today.

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      Interesting concept; an entire replacement OS characterized as an “recommended update” of an existing OS. With MS, it seems that words mean exactly what they want them to mean, nothing more and nothing less. Welcome to the wild side of the new frontier!

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      Yup, it was the 80244019 error code. Thanks for the info.
      You’re right, the servers must have been busy when I did the manual check. I just checked again and the check went through. Still don’t see a W10 recommended update.
      But I’m still curious…if we leave “Give me recommended updates the same way…” unchecked, and the new W10 strategy is to push the W10 upgrade as a recommended update, how will the check for updates process handle that? Will MS take that as a challenge and refuse to allow an update check?

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      I installed W10 to get rid of 8.1 So far one incompatibility problem, but W10 has definitely slowed down the system.

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      I haven’t done any updates since last year. I guess in december. Haven’t checked either. Now i’M scared to

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      Don’t be scared. Immediately install all available updates except KB 3035583 and “Upgrade to Windows 10” if it appears. Then use GWX Control Panel to block future shennanigans.

      The dangers of staying unpatched for a long time outweigh any problems you may have with the patching.

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      My advice: Think hard and re-evaluate whether you want the same people who can’t program anything better than Windows 10 to re-program your Windows 7 or 8 systems.


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      I just new to this site and have been reading the messages. I have it set to not download any updates. I checked the updates for before I changed the setting and I noticed it had already installed the KB303583 back in December. Should I remove KB303583? I’m a little nervous about installing anything now. I have 3 optional updates waiting to be downloaded and installed, KB2952664, KB3123862, KB3135445. I suspicious of what I read on KB3123862. I’m not a computer wizard so the is all confusing to me. Also what is GWX Control Panel and how do I use it to block future shenanigans. Please help!
      TIA Linda

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      No need to uninstall KB 3033583. GWX Control Panel does it for you. See this: http://www.infoworld.com/article/3000299/microsoft-windows/a-better-blocker-is-available-to-shield-you-from-coerced-get-windows-10-updates.html

      If the optional updates aren’t checked – DON’T CHECK THEM. I’ll have further suggestions for installing, posted later on this site.

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      But you’re still stuck in the hard place with security patches. If you don’t install those sooner or later, you’re going to have problems.

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      I just now did a Windows Update check on my Windows 7 machine and I discovered that KB3033583 is not a recommended update anymore. It is now marked as important update. I advise everyone who does not want GWX to change their settings to Manual or Disabled.

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      It’s very, very hard to keep up with Microsoft! Best advice: use the GWX Control Panel. It’s #1 on my list of free must-have Windows 7 utilities…


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