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    After I have received an email from, for example Amazon.com, when I look at it and move my mouse to hover an item, I will be presented with the entire link for that item.  This is quite often several hundred characters in length.  It hides the item I wanted to look at.  This happens almost immediately.


    1. Can this display of the entire link be shortened to maybe the first 10-20 characters?
    2. Is there a way to delay this display?  Like hovering over the link for several seconds?

    This is an annoying ‘feature’.  I wanted to post a picture of an example of this feature, but it goes away when I try to snip it.


    I ralize that all the link displayed is needed to fully locate the item.  I would like the display to be shortened.  All those characters mean nothing to me.

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      Hello, I think I understand what you mean.

      The first thing that crossed my mind is, that it is usefull to see whole link, but it can be really annoying, I agree.

      There are lots of people with the same problem even on Microsoft Community page, but it seems like “hardcoded feature”. Possibly impossible to get rig of 😉
      Link HERE.

      I found some registry editing advices, but I am not a big fan of those changes, especially when other users did not confirm, that its working. If you are interested, I will post the link.

      Also, other users recommend Windows Live Mail (which is part of MSFT Essentials package I believe). I am sorry, but it seems, like you wont get any better with native Mail app in Windows 10.

      PS – If you want to snip some image that is disapearing, press key “Print screen” and then paste the picture (CTRL+V) into PaintBrush, or other image editor.

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