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    OK – here’s one that’s a puzzle! I am trying to set up Windows Mail on my Win 10 Pro laptop. I “think” I have it set up to connect to my local ISP – but in testing it, I saw that the one email I tried to send from Mail to a Gmail account is in the sent box – but has a date that is almost 2 months in the past. At first it appeared that the email wasn’t sent since I couldn’t find it in Gmail, but when I looked in the Mail sent folder, it was there with a 12/2/2022 date. When I searched in Gmail, it WAS listed there – but with the other 12/2/2022 emails.

    So – how to I correct the date and time?


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      To correct the date and time in Windows Mail, follow these steps:

      1. Go to Windows settings
      2. Select “Time & Language”
      3. Click on “Date & time”
      4. Turn off the option “Set time automatically”
      5. Set the correct date and time
      6. Turn on the option “Set time automatically” again
      7. Restart Windows Mail and try sending an email to check if the date and time is now correct.
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        Thanks! That looks like it fixed the time, but that test email is now stuck in the outbox, and wasn’t sent. I’ve been having trouble getting the settings right for my ISP and thought I had it, but now it isn’t working again.

        Thanks for the help – guess I need some more figuring out with the correct settings. Right now it also appears that sending through a gmail account that is set up on Mail isn’t working either.

        Maybe I’ll just start over – but thanks for the time/date tip!

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