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    On Feb 1st, I updated my two home office machines to Windows 1o Pro 2004 at Susan’s suggestion. After the update, I immediately locked them down with Stop Updates 10. A few days later, I received notifications on both machines that updates were waiting to be installed. I have two new options on my power button tab: “Update and shut down” and “Update and restart”. I have been hibernating both machines, as is my custom.

    Did these updates sneak in during my intentional update to 2004 and then wait for a restart to show up? Is there a way to tell what is waiting to be installed?


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      I have  similar question.  I updated to 2004 as per Susan’s suggestion.  No issues.

      I locked the computer using Group Policy to stop the Feb quality and security updates until the all clear is given.

      However, about a day after updating, I got a notice that updates were available.  I checked and made sure the Group Policy was set correctly, which it was.

      When I looked at the updates being offered, there were 2 from Oct 2020, a .NET update from Nov 2020, and a Dell update.


      2020-11 Update for Windows 10 Version 2004 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057)

      2020-10 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 2004 for x64 (KB4578968)

      2020-10 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 Version 2004 for x64-based Systems (KB4580325)

      Dell – Extension –


      Why is a new install of 2004 done in late January now offering me 2004 updates from last year?  I assumed the 2004 install would be “up to date” relative to when it was being installed.

      Is it OK to install these updates?

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        Is it OK to install these updates?

        Regarding KB4023057, you might want to do a search here on AskWoody to read comments about it.

        Some suggestions are: #2303290 and #2300949

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          Thanks.  Now comes the question… how do I disallow a specific update in Win 10?  I did it plenty back in Win 7, but since moving to Win 10, I don’t think I’ve had to yet.

          I don’t see any way of selecting updates to hide in the Update section of the Win 10 settings app.

          There is only the single “Download” button under the list of available updates.

          Do I allow the install of all of 5em, then uninstall the bad one?

          If this is answered in another post, please advise, or let me know what search term(s) to use and I’ll search myself… I searched “Win 10 deny update” and got nothing relevant in first page of results.

          btw, I am using Win 10 Pro, if that makes any difference.

          Many thanks,



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            See AKB2000016. Read through all of it as the  settings change from version to version. There are screenshots below to help you find the setting.

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              Hello.  I downloaded and extracted the cab file.  It resulted in  bunch of powershell scripts.  i clicked and ran a few, but they all seemed to launch the powershell window, then immediately close

              i did not see any GUI come up that allowed me to follow the instructions you listed, re:

              “Run wushowhide by double clicking on it, then click on “Advanced” then uncheck the box to “apply changes automatically.” You can hide or unhide updates.”

              can you indicate which script in the attached list to run?

              hopefully i didn’t make any incorrect changes to WU



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              Put wushowhide.diagcab on your Desktop.
              DO NOT extract the file.

              Just double click on it.



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            You have to use an external tool to expose the ability to hide an update.

            Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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              yes, thanks.

              i read through the article PK suggested and saw that…

              + wushowhide.diagcab – an MS tool that allows you to check what updates are pending and hide Windows updates you don’t want to install (driver updates, for example). Run wushowhide by double clicking on it, then click on “Advanced” then uncheck the box to “apply changes automatically.” You can hide or unhide updates.
              Wushowhide uses the Windows Update Service to search for updates and will notrun if the Service is Disabled. When you hide updates, you may have to clear the Windows Update queue in order to prevent hidden upates still appearing in the Windows Update queue from installing. Instructions for clearing the Windows Update queue are found in AKB2000013. After clearing the Update queue, you may have to wait until Windows Update checks for updates again (DO NOT click on “Check for updates”).
              Hidden updates (like hidden updates in Win7/8.1) will not show up in the pending updates. You must “unhide” the updates to be able to install them.

              i plan to look into that  in the next few days

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      When you update to 2004 there are additional updates that need to be installed on that platform.  .NET security updates are missing.  Believe it or not the 2004 image you get is not “up to date”.  So that .NET and the Flash are expected and normal.

      Why?  Just the way they build the image – it does not have .net rolled in.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Thank you very much… seemed odd to me, but hey, it IS Microsoft, right?

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      I do updates from the Microsoft Update Catalog, usually the prior month’s.  Windows Update (in Pro) is best delayed in Settings.  You can go out about a month at a time, three times if done offline.  Additionally, if you want Win Updates disabled, do it in one place, Services works well.  There are a number of places it can be turned off but trust me, you’ll never remember all of them when it’s time to turn Updates back on.  Utilities are flaky, no point in them, better to learn the OS switches.

      Three months is almost always enough for MS to fix their mistakes; Dec updates were awful for us.  I just installed Jan updates with no issues on a half dozen 20H2 machines. Cumulative Updates contain everything since your last cumulative, no need to install month by month any more.  There are some standalones such as Flash remover and Intel cve fixes.  dot NET updates are in the catalog for 2004, pg 6.

      Make a restore point before installing ANY updates.  Catalog with 2004:



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