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    I have a laptop that hasn’t been used for 3 years, and it’s Windows 10 Pro x64 version is 1903 (Build 18362.239).

    The plan is to start using it again, but I want to update it to version 21H2 before actually doing anything with it or going online.

    Question –

    Can I just install 21H2 from the ISO that I have, or should I install one or more intermediate versions and ‘upgrade’ gradually?

    Following the good advice offered in these forums I’ve always squirreled away an ISO of each version, so that’s not a problem.


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      The easiest way :

      1. Create a full image backup of current system to an external HDD.

      2. On your Windows 10 Pro run GPEdit and block installing drivers and previews.

      2. Go to https://www.microsoft.com/EN-US/software-download/windows10?36261b60-2f68-4336-abe2-4b00f210b6aa=True and download Update Assistant run the update and let Microsoft handle everything.

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      Before you start, make a full disk image and a separate file backup of the data. This is in case the upgrade goes south – you have a way to recover and try again.

      OFFLINE (turn off WiFi so it doesn’t reconnect on reboot). Boot the computer and copy your latest 21H2 ISO to the computer. Mount the ISO using File Explorer and execute setup.exe from the mounted ISO. When asked, choose to keep your Apps and Data. During the upgrade, if asked to go online to get updates, say “NO.”

      When the install finishes, after the reboot + time to complete the install, go through the Settings App, Control Panel, and Group Policy (see AKB2000016) to control Windows Update and privacy concerns. Be sure to use the “2” (notify download/install) setting so you won’t be deluged with updates when you go online.

      Connect to the Internet. Use wushowhide or a third-party Windows Update controller (WUMgr, etc) to hide the updates and/or drivers you don’t want. Update the computer to the current patches.

      At this point, you will also need to update any Apps that are several years behind current.

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