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    Fascinating mail from AA: I am a reluctant Windows 10 user (at work). When I use the Windows 10 search box at work, the default view when I click the
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      I had this same discussion with one of my club members just last week.

      if you have Windows 10, you have NO CHOICE, because Bing is the built-in search engine on your PC. When you search for files on your computer, Bing returns results not only from your computer, but your network, and the Internet. The search box in the taskbar, in File Explorer, EVERYWHERE in Win10 is BING. Not just in the Browser or Cortana. If your use the search bar on the taskbar you are using Bing. If you open File Explorer and search for a file in the upper right box you are using Bing. You may think it is only a local search, but you are using Bing and it searches your computer, your network and the Internet. (Guess who gets all the search results!)

      You can’t change how tightly integrated Bing is with Windows 10, but you can change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge, Windows 10’s default web browser, or IE or Chrome or Firefox. These are INTERNET BROWSERS, not your computer.

      You can turn off WEB search in the taskbar search, but you cannot turn off Bing. Left click on the empty search box in the taskbar. On the left side click on the options cog, and disable web search. Here is a link to Microsoft’s information.


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      Not true at all in my experience.

      First, I don’t use Cortana or Bing Search from the desktop or in any local search operations. My software and data configuration is far too complex to allow web and Microsoft sponsored results to pollute my local searches.

      Second, Default Apps allows me to do all Web searching through Google or DuckDuckGo, using the Chrome Browser. No Bing results in sight.

      The solution unless you’re stuck in Tablet Mode, is to limit what privacy invasions Windows 10 may be allowed to engage in on your device. The same restrictions which preserve privacy through the Settings, also limit advertising and Bing pollution.

      Two birds killed with twenty or so stones. (I refer to the major places where the privacy settings are hidden in Windows 10.)

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