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    I just finished upgrading 2 Win 8.1 Home PC’s to Win 10. While the upgrade itself was amazingly smooth and flawless, the result has some irritations.

    I made the mistake of accepting the MS recommendations (yes, I know you told me so – it was a weak moment). Now about every other log in or user sign in/out I get this blue screen with what I guess you might say are “tips”. One wanted me to sync an Android phone. Another wanted me to set up a Hello Pin. While I do not mind the “tips”, the problem is that you cannot exit those blue screens if you do not want to do the tip. You cannot get back to your normal stuff. I finally had to ctl/alt/delete to restart or just power off. Then it comes back on without the tip (until the next time).

    I think the option to stop this is on Settings/Privacy and one of those options. I turned them all off so will see over next few days if that stops the annoyance.

    I will add – Microsoft do you have any idea how much trouble you are causing America by not supporting all those Win 8.1 machines? Not only does this mean upgrading each of the millions of machines, but then Google said it would not update without Win 10 (and presumably Edge) and my tax software said it won’t update without Win 10 and since virtually every company web site uses those browsers the world has to upgrade to Win 10. So, Microsoft, to save the cost of a couple programmers to keep Win 8.1 up to date you have cost the world untold millions of dollars. And for those poor people that cannot afford a new PC or do not have the technical knowledge to do an upgrade, they will keep using Win less than 10 and the hackers and scammers and sharks will swoop in so that also is on your conscience.

    I do, however, appreciate you making the upgrade flawless (at least for the home edition – I don’t know about the pro versions) and I appreciate AskWoody for the posts on how to upgrade.

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      The setting that controls those “tips” is Settings > System > Notifications & actions > Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows. Unchecking it will stop then from appearing.

      Just FYI, I also disabled all the others except the Allow notifications to play sounds. If you disable that one, you’ll never get the alert sound some apps use to let you know something occurred while using them.

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      I see those notifications as “advertising” and have disabled them too. I need to be paid to watch advertising!

      And, as much as MS is a pain with their upgrading difficulties, they are not the worse. Most of my legacy programs work just fine – Eudora, which was written in the early 1990’s and last upgraded in 2006 works well with only small hitches and is infinitely preferable to Outlook. I use Alpha5 as well, which I cannot install on another machine because the company has disabled the verification server, but it works just fine on an old machine that I keep partly for that purpose.

      On the other hand…  There’s Apple. I’ve got a perfectly functional iPod Touch that I purchased solely for running a particular app. It’s a “6th gen”, 2015, and the operating system cannot be upgraded (thanks Apple) and most of the apps that I bought the device for and would upgrade will not upgrade because of the older operating system. Apple used to be touted because of it’s “usability” and in my view it is in fact “useless”.

      Sorry for the off topic rant.

      You Win 8.1 machine will continue to work for the majority of programs I would guess. Have you looked for a browser that supports Win 8.1? Perhaps that’s a way of avoiding the operating system upgrade if that’s what you want (though I wouldn’t recommend it as 8.1 is undoubtedly not adequately secure in this day and age).

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      Just FYI, I also disabled all the others

      Many thanks. I also disabled 2 of the others that mentioned the “Welcome experience” and “finish setting up”.

      I wouldn’t recommend it as 8.1 is undoubtedly not adequately secure in this day and age

      I agree but when you think about the byzillion updates done on Win 8.1 and the probably byzillion updates not yet found or done on Win 10/11, I wonder if Win 8.1 is really the more secure one??? Anyway I have Win 10 now on all my PC’s and will wait for Susan to approve Win 11 before jumping on that bandwagon.


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