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    Normally when I sign into Outlook web version, after clicking the sign in button I get a screen asking for my userid. However, after upgrading from Win 8.1 home to Win 10 home I got a weird screen saying something like “You are accessing confidential information and we need to verify you”. This was weird and seemed like a virus so I was suspicious.

    Figuring this could also be where the upgrade had reset the security settings I checked many settings such as Windows security, notifications, browser settings to no avail. I did notice the strangeness only occurred on Edge. Chrome worked fine. However, no Edge settings would eliminate the strange request.

    Finally after going to my user profile I noticed a tiny blue line under my profile name that said, “we need to verify you”. Okay so I clicked that and there was a screen asking to confirm my identity with either my password or a code to my backup email. I did the code and all now working normally.

    Since I originally did the entire upgrade from the PC and signed into the MS account and signed in after the upgrade I wonder why this weird request was there.

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      Outlook must store some information about the machine you use and post upgrade that data was no longer accurate. The fact that it only occurred on Edge is odd.

      Which Edge are you using, MS or Chromium? (three dots > Help and Feedback > About Microsoft Edge)

      cheers, Paul

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      Which Edge are you using, MS or Chromium

      From About – “This browser is made possible by the Chromium”.

      I am thinking this was something MS stored in this particular PC due to the upgrade as my other PC with OEM Win 10 has not had such a problem. The upgrade (although done with the PC with a valid Win 8.1 license and while signed into MS account) must have left some unfinished business.

      Since it was the Profile setting in the PC that seemed to be incomplete after the upgrade and MS and Outlook are tied so tightly together then maybe Outlook sign in checks the profile in the PC or in the MS account to see if all is well while Chrome either does not care about that setting or has no access to it (I think one of the settings I turned off trying to fix this was something about not letting apps have access to the MS account.)

      Gee, I had a perfectly working secure PC and now hours and hours spent on this required upgrade. I know progress and modernization must occur but I wish these planned obsolescence events could go more slowly!!

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      Are you saying Chrome on the other PC worked, but the upgraded PC never worked until you did the verify?
      If so, this makes perfect sense as it would have been the first time you used that PC with Outlook.

      cheers, Paul

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      Are you saying Chrome on the other PC worked

      On the Win 8.1 after the upgrade to Win 10 Edge would ask for some password upon clicking outlook sign in instead of the ID/password.

      On the Win 8.1 after the upgrade to Win 10 Chrome would ask for the ID/Password to outlook as normal.

      After doing the verify link (that asked for the MS account password) in the profile then Edge started properly asking for the ID/Password normally.

      So apparently in the upgrade process Windows wanted to verify the account (which is just extra security and a good idea) but it did not ask in the upgrade itself and I guess just turned on a bit in the profile to ask for it whenever I tried to sign on to a MS synced account, but since I was already signed in to the MS account during the upgrade maybe that it why it didn’t ask for it there. All very weird, but other than that the upgrade was very smooth.

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