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    hmms, after upgrading to Win11 22H2 my network printers stopped working. No printers where found when trying to add them again. any idea as to what this new version is doing to stop this?

    all my network printers are removed, and i get 0x00000bc4 when trying to add them manually. All our test machines with Win11 22H2 get this error…. Was not an issue on 21H2

    Printer issue finally resolved. A brand new printer policy in Win11 22H2 is the culprint. “RPC Connection settings. Need to change over to Named Pipes and it works again…

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      I have no problem with my Canon printer. It plugs. It chugs.

      Is this problem printer specific?

      Any additional documentation on this problem anywhere else?

      What are named pipes?

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      Well that’s one way to achieve a ‘paperless office’ 🙂 although I can’t imagine a huge uptake of Windows 11 in an office environment..
      Print to pdf and pass the buck to an email recipient elsewhere if they need hardcopies 😛

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        Well that’s one way to achieve a ‘paperless office’ although I can’t imagine a huge uptake of Windows 11 in an office environment..

        Nadella didn’t dive into details as to just how quickly Windows 11 was being adopted in businesses or what was driving the faster adoption, though we can speculate. Microsoft’s security-focused system requirements for Windows 11 were made with businesses in mind, and many of those requirements (including Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 support) were already being deployed and used more consistently in business PCs than in consumer models. Windows 11 is also similar to Windows 10 in how it deploys and manages the operating system.

        Businesses are adopting Windows 11 more quickly than past versions, says Microsoft

        Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.2361 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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      Some installed printers might only allow default settings

      Microsoft has found an issue when an installed printer uses Microsoft IPP Class Driver or Universal Print Class Driver and is installed on a Windows device with connectivity issues to the printer. Windows needs connectivity to the printer to identify all the features of the printer. Without connectivity, the printer is set up with default settings and in some scenarios might not get updated once connectivity to the printer is restored. You might be affected by this issue if your printer is unable to use printer specific features such as color, two-sided/duplex printing, paper size or type settings, or resolutions higher than 300x300dpi. Currently, installed printers in this state will carry this issue forward when upgraded to Windows 11, version 22H2.

      To safeguard your upgrade experience, we have applied a compatibility hold on Windows devices with printers using Microsoft IPP Class Driver or Universal Print Class Driver from being offered Windows 11, version 22H2. If your organization is using Update Compliance, the safeguard ID is 41332279. ..

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