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    WINDOWS 11 By Lance Whitney Windows 11 jettisons a bunch of items from Windows 10. But which losses will cause the most pain among loyal Windows users
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      Lance, regarding the disabled IE in Windows 11, earlier versions of Office had a dependency of Outlook on IE to display messages in HTML within Outlook.  Outlook would display HTML within itself just fine until something happened.  Never could figure out why.  Thereafter, the Outlook user was asked to view email messages in a browser to see them in HTML format.

      The crude fix I figured out had to do with resetting something within IE before shutting the system down.  I can’t remember exactly what I did over a year ago, and I did not take notes.

      When I looked at the client’s problem of HTML within Outlook, the version was Office 2016.   This leads one to ask the question of how this Outlook-HTML dependency has been handled in progressively later versions of Office and Microsoft 365.  It’s likely Microsoft won’t tell, and I sure don’t have the time to research this problem.

      With IE “disabled” in Windows 11, one must wonder whether older versions of Outlook will work as expected.  All of this, of course, is a not so gentle push from Microsoft to use the latest and greatest version of Office, er Microsoft 365.

      Both of my Windows 11 laptops, one upgraded and the other installed from scratch, have a skeletal Internet Explorer folder dated June 5, 2021.  Running IE from within the folder brings up Edge Chromium.

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      And here’s another change riling people up on the Feedback Hub: you can’t resize the taskbar vertically. You can’t change to small icons. You can’t move the icons for Search, Virtual Desktops, or Widgets. You can’t move the taskbar to the top or sides of the screen, though you can change it from center-aligned to left-aligned (Figure 3).

      [Emphasis added]

      Well, that italicized bit would be a deal-breaker right there, and the not-moving the icons bit is annoying too. One of the first things I’ve done with my Windows installations was to get rid of that silly huge icon mode and reduce the taskbar to its proper (1x) height. I know others have been upset by disallowing vertical or top taskbars. Hopefully those will change before the product goes into GA, but I have my doubts. They could have simply left those things in if they didn’t want to remove them.

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      W10 bad, W11 worse.

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        Semi agree  but would change it to this:

        W10 extremely horrible bad,  W11 infinity horrible worse.


        Windows 10 has been the bad OS since Windows Me. MS has lost total what users need. One of the biggest issues like for Teams. MS add emo pictures rather than adding features like screen annotation that other apps have from first day launch.

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          Teams doesn’t even have a “Paste plain text” option, only a “Remove Formatting” (which actually doesn’t. Lol.

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      As always, backup first! but apparently you CAN set the taskbar to the top if you so wish courtesy of TimTibbets at MajorGeeks:


      Try at your own risk, OS or edit 🙂

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      I have always used a right vertical taskbar and will not switch to Win11 if bottom aligned is the only choice.  I also use & depend on the Quick Launch functionality.  Elimination of that is another no-go for me.

      As for the Start menu, I use an app that gives me the old classic (win 7?) setup.  Another no-go for Win11 if they block that.

      I suppose the reason they mess with these things is that it makes it easier to show the same display UI to desktops, laptops and tablets.  But that’s their problem, not mine.

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        Register your thoughts in the Feedback Hub. If there are enough people voicing the same complaint Microsoft may change its stance.


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