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    Problems seemed to come up after upgrading from Windows 10.

    My Windows File Explorer is frequently freezing. Nothing has fixed it,

    except shutdown system, and power up. But then it often quickly happens again.

    A very old Brother all-in-one scanning S/W (Nuance/Paperport) had similar issues

    before the OS upgrade; upgrade may have made it worse.

    I’ve seen reports elsewhere of problems with File Explorer. I tried several

    suggested solutions, to no avail. Any great solutions here?

    Hope I’m posting to the correct forum. I’m using Win Pro 11, v. 21H2.

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      Do you use any third party menu/file explorer extensions?

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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        I’m not actively using another file explorer.

        I did try out 1 or 2 a short time ago; I’ll ck. if they are still

        running in the bkgrd. or otherwise!

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          I found two other file explorers which I’ve played with:


          I have one version installed; plus one portable version available by

          clicking the .exe file.


          available by clicking the .exe file; I don’t find any installed version.

          Pending any advice from you all, my plan is to await the next random malfunction of my

          WinPro 11 File Explorer crash/freeze. Then I’ll uninstall OneCommander, and see if there’s an obvious improvement.


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      I have absolutely the same problem. I was waiting to upgrade in order to benefit from new features but after the bugs are fixed. Unfortunately, I have the system slower, Edge browser freezes, etc. 16GB RAM and i& processor don’t help.
      MICROSOFT, fix it!

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      Re Ben’s post: thanks! They say “Misery loves company.” (WHO says that?!?)

      So far, I’ve seen crashes/freezes/problems with the following:

      Windows File Explorer

      Adobe Acrobat

      Gmail (boatloads of my emails getting bounced).

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      Have you checked the Event Logs to see if there is any useful detail there?

      If worse comes to worse, back up your system and do a Windows reset.


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        Re Joe,

        Thanks for that.

        I’ll take a look at Event logs.

        As for Windows reset, I hope that’s the one that leaves my

        data intact. Even so, I live in DREAD of doing any kind of reset,

        or other last ditch measures, and then praying that my system

        doesn’t implode.

        Of course, after exhausting any less drastic measures, I will go for it.

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