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    How do I attach an attachment to a query prior to sending to Forums?

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      You have to be logged in – Guests cannot attach files.

      The attachment has to be on your computer or on a secure location on the Internet. The size is limiter to a couple MBs.
      Choose “Select File”
      Navigate to the source and highlight the file. Choose “Open”
      This will upload and attach the file.
      If you want to insert it into the post, choose “Insert…” It will insert it at the location of your cursor, so be sure it’s where you want the attachment.


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        Many thanks PKCano.

        I just wanted to know if I can change from Windows 32bit to 64bit

        from the info attached. My system is Windows 10 Pro 32bit. If not what would

        I need to do this?


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      Before you do anything along these lines, you need to make full disk image back and a file data backup of your machine, so you have a way to go back if things go wrong. Be sure you create a bootable Windows Recovery disk/USB and the bootable Rescue disk/USB for the backup s/w. Be sure they boot.

      Minimum Win10 requirements.

      Upgrading from the 32-bit version to the 64-bit version of Windows requires that you reformat your hard disk, install the 64-bit version of Windows, and then reinstall everything else that you had on your device.
      You will also need the license keys for all your third-party software, since you have to reinstall. 32-bit software will work on a 64-bit OS.

      The license itself is bit-ignorant. The media might only have the software for one or the other, but the license can be used on either. You only need to find the correct media that will accept the license (OEM vs Retail sort of thing) and you’re good to reinstall.

      With 64-bit OS, you would benefit from more than 4GB RAM. 8GB is almost minimum, but the amount will be dictated by the hardware maximum. You should also check ahead of time if there are 64-bit drivers for the other hardware. Use Device Manager and something like Belarc Advisor, Speccy,  or msinfo32.exe to help. Then check with the computer OEM or device OEM for the drivers.

      You will also benefit from an SSD, but do the install first and verify that it works.

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        PKCano, thanks for your reply.
        This process seems very complicated to me, and I am 
        reluctant to try in case a mess up my PC completely.
        I thought switching from 32bit to 64bit was easy.
        I am running Windows 10 PRO 32 bit
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      Your CPU is compatible with 64 bit windows, but most instructions say that to switch you need to clean install windows, this is an annoying process requiring recopying your data and reinstalling and finding keys for software.

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      I have a 15 year old Sony Vaio, original OS was Vista.  I number of year ago I added Linux Mint (32bit) in dual boot.  I have not booted into Vista since doing this.  The machine was slow on Linux Mint, but not painfully so.  When 32 bit versions of Mint were halted I switched to 64 bit Linux Lite.   Now the machine IS painfully slow.  Could this be due to the Linux OS being 64bit instead of 32bit?

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      64-bit software, for the same program, is usually similar in speed to 32-bit, however it uses much more memory.  Since the machine probably does not have an excess of memory, swapping to disk may be happening more which is (with non-SSD) hundreds of times slower than in RAM memory access.  Although the computer may have an old hard drive interface such as PATA instead of SATA, you might be able to add more ram and a PATA SSD hard drive.  However, some distros by their nature are faster or slower than others.

      Often recommended for slow computers are MX Linux or AntiX Linux, also see here https://itsfoss.com/32-bit-linux-distributions/

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