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    For some unknown reason my Windows 7 Pro went berserk and popped up a message saying Windows WMI was corrupted or some similar message.

    Through various a combination of procedures and using Tweaking.com WMI Repair Tool I got the show back on the road. . . . . well almost, I think.
    All was well, or so I thought, untill I opened an Outlook email which contained text and diagrams/pictures. The text was OK but the linked images just show as little empty boxes.

    I tried the usual stuff in Trust Center Options but to no avail, and right clicking the boxes does nothing either.

    So, I am thinking perhaps there is a registry entry that’s gone awry, or some other setting I don’t know about has got changed for some unknown reason.

    In desperation I tried the Microsoft Office 2016 Quick Repair Tool in control Panel Programs and Features which made no difference, then I tried the Microsoft Office On-Line Repair which  failed and subsequently deleted the whole Office 2016 Pro Plus suite of apps.
    Fortunately I had done a clone backup of the HDD before atempting any of that.
    Now, when I try copy and pasting I only get text and no ‘pictures/diagrams’.
    For example if I attempt to copy and paste Deanna McElveeen’s recent write up and instructions for operating the Pocket Radio app I only get the text and no screenshot pictures. Something has changed and I know not what.

    I can’t / don’t want to do a reinstall of Windows 7 and Office as it will wipe 25 years stuff that is near and dear to me and irreplaceable.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this copy / paste problem that only copies the text and no pictures ?

    I thank you in anticipation of your assistance.

    Gordon (UK)

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    Viewing 2 reply threads
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