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    hi all,

    Basically i have a series of security only updates from march 2020 to present day. These updates cant be integrated into the Win 7 iso image due to them being part of the ESU licensing requirement, however i was wondering if their was a way to install all of them as a bat file rather than one by one

    if anyone could point me in the directing of how i would code such a bat file id be most grateful


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      The information is here. The procedure is outlined in the top post. There is an archive linked it you need earlier updates. Scroll to the bottom for current information. Security-only and IE11 CU updates are stored in AKB2000003.

      Read through the thread, as prerequisites change starting at the original EOL, the three yearly ESUs, and with the current ESU.

      If you have questions, direct them to the thread linked at the top of this post.

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        i will try this and let you know how it goes just takes so long installing one by one lol


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          You can put all of the same type (SO, SSU & .NET 3.5 in one, .NET4 in another) in one folder with script. I create 2 folders in the root of C:, run the scripts, then reboot. More info in the thread.

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            hi there it seems to have worked fine i have other updates that ive managed to intergrate into the ISO image such as the convienience rollup and various SSU’s to thanks mate for the help ๐Ÿ™‚ this will save alot of time


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