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    Windows update on windows 8.1 hasn’t been able to check successfully since pre-April-11th, hence I haven’t been able to get a list of updates which are relevant to my system. The checking for updates has been so slow for me that it hasn’t worked at all. M$ has bleeped up their online databses of updates, so I can’t use the MS17-… pages to work out whic updates I need. I have ms office, I have windows 8.1, I have flash player, I have but never use IE, my system is pre-2013 in terms of the processor fitted (so I shouldn’t be caught up in this evil business of refusing to update kaby-lake machiens running pre-10 operating systems). I can’t work out which updates I need, and hence which I should be searching for in m$’s update catalog. I last updated on 08/04/2017, and was up to date with all the things I actually needed (meaning security updates only). I haven’t updated since, what has come out since April 8th which is a security fix for ms office 2010, IE 11, windows 8.1 (64 bit) or flash player? Can anyone give me the exact update names so I can find them in the catalog and download the .msu files. For now just assume I want the security updates, but not the non-security ones, and am not too worried about the risk of bugs in them (I will hold of installing until the bugs are fixed but right now I want to know which updates I’m going to need when things clear up, especially with all the new vulnerabilities that have been in the news, as I read it they are mainly fixed but by April 11th’s patches? Or are all the NSA ones fixed by patches of pre-april-8th)

    Woody, you’re doing a great job here but with the flurry of recent posts I can’t follow from amongst them exactly which update is which. I had about 50 tabs open in my browser trying to compare all the various sources of info and work out the correct kb numbers of the updates I need.


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      Windows update on windows 8.1 hasn’t been able to check successfully since pre-April-11th…

      Would you like to try to get to the bottom of why?

      If so, can you be more specific about what it does/says when it fails?

      I’m running Windows 8.1 both on my main workstation and in a virtual machine for testing (among other operating systems).

      I’ve installed the main April updates and have even gone so far as to install the current preview of next month’s updates on my Windows 8.1 test VM. I put over a week of testing on the main April updates before putting in the preview update today.

      Regarding specifics… The command WMIC qfe list shows that these updates were installed:

      http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=4014551  W81EVM  Update                        KB4014551                                                     W81EVM\NoelC         4/11/2017
      http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=4014567  W81EVM  Update                        KB4014567                                                     W81EVM\NoelC         4/11/2017
      http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=4018483  W81EVM  Security Update               KB4018483                                                     W81EVM\NoelC         4/11/2017
      http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=4015553  W81EVM  Update                        KB4015553                                                     NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM  4/19/2017

      That being said, I believe the April 11 Monthly rollup is at:

      I think 4015553 has superseded 4015550 for Windows 8.1.


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      Can anyone give me the exact update names so I can find them in the catalog and download the .msu files. For now just assume I want the security updates, but not the non-security ones

      Have you checked out our Knowledge Base article, which contains links to the relevant OS version/bittedness (32-bit & 64-bit) updates?:

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      It’s me, the anonymous guy who started this thread. Thanks for your tips:
      Noel Carboni: it hasn’t given failure messages for anything but it takes so long with checking (many hours) that it hasn’t been able to list any patches since the ones in found before April 11th.
      Noel: I don’t do montly roll-ups, I do the security-only version by downloading the msu file from m$’s site. If the monthly roll-up has been superseded has the security version been superseded too?
      Noel: thanks for the link, within that list, to the flash player update. Is there a security only update for the .NET framework about anywhere, or only a full roll-up?

      Kirsty: thanks for the link, but I can’t spot the flash player or .NET security updates in that list. I’m sure there have been more than just two windows 8.1 security patches this month, maybe I’m confused. Also where can I find download links for the patches to ms office, as windows update hasn’t been checking properly for me lately I can’t download them through it but need to go to the website and download the relevant .msu file, as I have to do for the security-only patches.


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      I recommend installing the April 2017 security-only update, and then reporting if that solves your slow Windows Update problem.

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