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  • Windows Digital License in 2020

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      The syncing of the Windows 7 key to a Windows 10 digital license was a policy put in place only for the official free upgrade period (2015-2016). I know that the digital license will be tied to my PC for its life, but I fear that when 7 goes end of life, my Windows 7 key will no longer exist.

      I reverted back to 7 due to an unsolved issue with some peripherals I use.

      Will my PC pass ‘the genuine windows check’ in 2020 for Windows 7 or will it only accept the digital license as genuine at that time?

      Tnx, Leo

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      AskWoody MVP

      While this is impossible to know at the moment, I think you don’t have to pass any “genuine windows check” for Windows 7 which is voluntary. You could start with uninstalling KB971033 if it is installed and never install it again, unless you are really forced to do so by certain Microsoft checks. As far as I know, there are no such checks performed at the moment and this old and obsolete update causes problems documented in some cases even by Microsoft.
      KB971033 can be uninstalled clean, unless it has already done checks and deemed the computer as non-compliant, in which case things are more difficult to revert to a clean state. Sometimes the checks provide legitimate output, but in many cases they are false positives.

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        Noel Carboni
        AskWoody MVP

        You could start with uninstalling KB971033

        Exactly what I was going to suggest. I’ve been running without that update on my Win 7 hardware system since 2015. I don’t need some paperwork snafu or mixup at Microsoft to deactivate my properly licensed system. I believe the word “permanently” should mean what it says.


        Only thing… Is that little bit of “Windows Activation Technology” that goes online regularly to recheck activation built in to any of the “convenience” or “cumulative” updates? I’ve never been able to get a solid answer to that. It might not be so straightforward to just avoid reinstalling it from now on.


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      AskWoody Lounger

      @anonymous thats an interesting question, certainly one I hadnt considered before. I probably would have to say legitimate key, gives legitimate rights to either Win10 or 7. There would be howls of protest should they renage on an already established entitlement, not to mention a few critical systems “biting the dust” should they lose activation status and in that respect M$’s hands are probably tied. However after Win 7 does go the way of the dinosaurs in 2020, I wouldnt mind betting they will go over to a pay as you go method as typified by Office 365 model. Again they are “hamstrung” by the fact the recent “wannacry” has highlighted the fact that there’s lots of M$ “Heritage” systems out there (XP) in common daily use and as Win7 has a higher penetration in to the market and thats an awful lot of suceptable machines now with out any up to date support.
      Entirely possible they may try another round of “strong arm” tactics to get us all to ‘bite the bullet’ and upgrade. Hmm intiguing one that question and if the lights arent burning bright late in to the night at Redmond its possible they have already made a decision, although at the risk of a near rant here given the ethos of modern business its very doubtful if any one knows or will make a decision until the last possible minute ūüôā

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      Thanks @ch100 for the suggestion. I will uninstall that KB now and see how that goes.

      Noel, you a right. Tnx for the reminder. I will have to monitor the monthly rollups to make sure the KB does not get reinstalled – I am betting it will.

      A Retail license should be more ‘permanent’ but in reading the digital license statement from Microsoft, it has no bearing once synced. It becomes the equivalent of an OEM license. I am expecting Microsoft will take dire in 2020. They do not want a repeat of what happened with XP. They have made that abundantly clear.


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