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    Since moving to Win 8.1 I am experiencing an intermittent Windows Explorer window getting stuck in what appears to be a CPU loop that drives CPU temps up 15-20°F.

    When this occurs, I always see a green progress bar on the address line of the Explorer window pulsing left to right, as if waiting for something but never stops.

    Once I close that window, the CPU load percentage and CPU temp go back to normal.

    Anyone have any ideas what is causing this and how to fix it? Windows is fully up to date with fixes.


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      Is it always on the same folder?

      Are there any links to other folders?



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      Have you done an anti malware scan or checked msconfig for any strangers and had you downloaded anything prior to this occurrence ?

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      I usually only see that green bar when I try to access my NAS drive (or a USB connected drive) for the first time after a boot (connect). Since this appears to happen to your Downloads folder do you have any thing that is using that folder a lot like maybe a bit torrent connection, or a drop box connection that has a lot of activity to sync, that would be constantly writing to this folder causing File Explorer to have to re-enumerate the folder? HTH :cheers:

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      @joep517 – No, it can be any folder. I’ve seen it stuck on other folders.

      @sudo15 – The system is clean of any malware or viruses, etc.

      – When I was building this system, I did connect to the other system over ethernet cable to copy files. But that system is stripped and powered down. There is nothing else on my network to connect to. It ISN’T always the Downloads folder. I do not use BT or connect to cloud drives.

      If there was someway to see WHAT Explorer was trying to do, that would be helpful. But I do not see anything in the event logs.

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      Have the “What’s my computer doing” app. Didn’t think to use it. Don’t think it will help. As you can see from the screenshot, I run an app called Taskinfo that gives me much more detailed process info and I did not see anything in it when the problem was occurring. But will give this app a try next time problem occurs.

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