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    Hello to all.This is more of an FYI for those who may run in to it. We upgraded to Windows 7 machines (all Dell OptiPlexes) a few months ago. I had Windows Fax and Scan working wonderfully on my computer and about a month ago it quit working. I renamed my computer so I could more easily understand whose computer it was on the network.

    Now when I try to send a new fax, it immediately pops up a message that says: “New Fax: Unable to retrieve cover pages associated with the selected account.” Then it brings up the regular faxing window and I prepare a fax and when I press Send, I get this message: “The message could not be sent. The RPC server is unavailable.” Down at the bottom of the screen there is a message that says “All fax accounts are inaccessible”.

    After much searching, I found this link kb/930087 and followed the instructions to delete the fax account and set up a new account. That took care of my problem.

    Just posting it here in case it can help someone. I have spent many a frustrating hour trying to get my fax working, today I found the answer.

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      I am running into this same issue setting up my efax], which I have heard is the Best Small Business Internet Fax, and came across this thread. Did you ever figure out the workaround for this? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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      You need to delete the fax account and re-create it. The OP put a link in for you to follow.

      cheers, Paul

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        i have a similar issue. my fax service on my Dell Optiplex 780 running windows 7 professional 32-bit was working like a CHAMP – then suddenly i get the error that “all fax accounts accounts are inaccessible”.

        this was sudden. i have NOT renamed my computer, or done any upgrade to it (other than increase the memory in preparation for installing 64-bit, so that should not be a factor).

        i followed the link above, but of course it took me to a ‘solution’ for a windows VISTA OS, -not- Windows 7. But i opened the windows fax & scan through the ‘search program and files’ option. i deleted the fax account, recreated a new one…and….wait for it… SAME PROBLEM! it pulls up ‘old’ sent faxes just fine, and several ‘test’ faxes i have been trying to send, and still the issue persists. i ‘delete’ the pending faxes, and one of the old ones returns… it is, in a word, jacked up.

        is there a way to completely UNISTALL the fax service and then REINSTALL it? i am getting so frustrated with this ‘service’ (and windows in general) i am getting ready to pay for a fax server software to install – but i cant find one that will let me TRY IT first, and i don’t want to spend money on it if it isn’t going to work.


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      I think the fax uses the spooler to manage pending faxes. Do you see any files in %SystemRoot%SYSTEM32SPOOLPRINTERS?
      If so, stop the spooler (sc stop spooler) delete the file found above and re-start the spooler (sc start spooler).

      cheers, Paul

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