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    I have been struggling with this for a while and so far have not found an answer.  I also am not sure whether to post this here or in the Office forum, so here goes.

    Part of my duties in my library system is to oversee a lab of 27 computers at one of the branches.  I have all computers up on Win10 1909 and have Office 2016 standard installed on all computers.

    Here is my problem.  Every time I install a Windows Feature update, I am forced to reactivate Office, thus using another of my allotted activations.  When you combine that with the fact that occasionally, I have to reclone the hard drive from my master when something goes awry, I am getting close to my activation limit of 150 for the entire lab.

    My question is, why does Windows require a reactivation of Office for every feature update?  It is still on the same machine, just the version of Windows changes.  It also does not matter if I upgrade using the Windows Update method or the Media Creation Tool method. Does anyone have any ideas?

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      Try Step 2: Check for multiple copies of Office and Step 4: Troubleshoot activation here:

      Unlicensed Product and activation errors in Office

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      Thanks for the reply, but that isn’t exactly my problem.  We bought 27 licenses of Office, which are activated via MAK, so I have 150 total activations available among all the computers.  (I failed to explain that in the original post).

      Right now, Office is still activating, but when I logged into the VLSC, it shows that I am getting fairly close to the limit.  When that happens, I will have to go through the hassle of calling Microsoft and getting them to reset it (hopefully they will).

      It is just frustrating that when all I do is install a feature update, it somehow thinks I have installed Office on a new computer and makes me activate it again, thus using one of my allotments.


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      Well, I just spent the last 45 minutes in chat with Microsoft. Essentially, they told me that this is the way it is, since I don’t have these computers in a domain (which I can’t do for budgetary reasons).  It seems that if I had them in a domain and used an admin computer, the count would only go up once for every 27 computers, not one computer at a time like it is now.  Unfortunately, they don’t have a solution for computers in a simple workgroup.

      I am ok for one more feature update on all the computers, but after that, I will have to beg their mercy, or figure out a way to put all these in a domain, which might cause some issues with my computer scheduling and reservation software.

      Thanks for the advice though.  I appreciate your time.

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      I have had the exact same issue and my computer station are in a domain.  I think it was the 1903 version in which I burned through all my activations for the computer labs that I manage.
      I called the volume licensing center and they confirmed that “this is the way it is now”…   Fortunately they were able to reset my activation count.

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