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    KB 4284842 – the Win7 Monthly Rollup preview — doesn’t seem to have much. Just like the other Win7 patches this month, it inherits the bug There is a
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      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      And the Windows 10 updates listed above are coming down the Win Update chute unless ya stop / block em one way or the other.

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      See my original post – January to April 2018 updates #186338

      While i do not install previews on principle, I do look at them to see if MS have fixed any outstanding problems in the previous updates.

      This latest one – KB 4284842 – the Win7 Monthly Rollup preview – does not fix the problem in the June update so I will not be installing it either.

      I am now updated to December 2017, backups done, Bios updated successfully on my machine, and waiting until broken update is fixed. I do not see the point of updating with a broken patch.

      A question — MS is using the term “mitigating” with respect to some updates, especially with  the meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. Mitigate means to “reduce the effects of” not fix. What is the point of having an update that does not FIX the problem but only half fixes it? and slows the computer down in the process.

      Is not this “false security”

      Looks like I shall have to wait another month.



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        The spectre exploits are mitigated I believe because they would have to cripple the CPU to actually fully secure against spectre which is not palatable to many.

        As they say most Intel processors are susceptible but my personal opinion is that the later ICore processors starting from 2009 are more at threat due to their architecture and heavier use of branch predictions.

        What makes the later CPUs so quick is potentially a security threat with spectre.

        When they do redesign the architecture to fully protect from spectre they will probably install another zero day bug and this mess will play out again. YMMV

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      KB-4284830 caught me ( actually the wife ) off guard this afternoon. Although it downloaded and installed with no problems and I have yet to encounter any. Everything went smooth. Doesn’t mean that they’re not there, I just haven’t noticed any if there is. KB-4284833 has yet to rear it’s ugly face. It checked for additional updates after rebooting and it wasn’t there. I forgot to secure everything after the last updates and it looks like I may have dodged a bullet for now anyway.

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      I finished the June patching this evening on my Win7Pro-64_SP1 Group B desktop and laptop.  I have not had the NIC problem.  I thought it might be Intel since the BT WiFi nightmare of a few years ago on my laptop, but it went fine on both machines, both with Intel NICs or WiFi.

      I also did some testing of boot speeds and application installs with the Spectre/Meltdown mitigations enabled and switched off by Steve Gibsons’s Inspectre and the laptop took about a 15-20% hit on application installs, and about a 10% on bootup.  I disable the mitigations for patching and especially for the WU checks.

      Since I just found a Lenovo HDD caddy for the laptop, it will put in an SSD for Linux Mint 19 for testing and then decide if it will stay Linux.  It is a easy switch and does not need and UEFI changes.

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        I am wondering whether the NIC bug is related to Intel ME which  is mysterious in itself and this might explain why MS is keeping quiet about it.

        Intel ME is a separate computer system that Intel installs in it’s chipsets but little is known about what it does and how it connects

        Little is known about Intel ME and it is virtually impossible to fully disable. I think many of these latest updates have the potential to upset Intel Me causing NIC problems.

        Recently I have had NIC problems after the latest updates on a Arandale laptop which had Intel ME issues previously.

        I have also experienced slightly longer cold boot times after the latest Windows 7 64 bit updates.

        This laptop uses Intel hardware for network connections and it is reported that with Intel ME  if you are using a wireless connection and if your Intel ME is running then your OS must wait until Intel Me finishes before your OS can use that WIFI driver.

        Consequently if your Intel ME gets into a bootloop or doesn’t complete “whatever it does” quick enough then you will experience connectivity problems.

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      I’m becoming more concerned that Microsoft, as big as they are, cannot seem to fix the NIC bug. What is so hard about this? They have telemetry that tells them which controllers stop working, don’t they? I see no reason why they can’t insert code to not update those controllers. In the good old days, we would have simply hid the misbehaving and unnecessary update. They need to stop breaking things over and over again. It’s pitiful. Thanks for allowing me to rant about this annoying issue.


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        Yes I agree with you completely —

        I have 6 computers that I look after, all on a network with fixed IP’s. I have not updated since December 2017. I do not want to break the network so i have held off hoping MS would fix the NIC problems (can it be so difficult) but here we are again with the preview for July and still with the NIC problem !!!!!!!

        It is almost appears to be deliberate except tor the fact that there is no logical reason for doing so — after all windows 10 updates are full of problems also. The only other word that comes to mind is incompetence !!!!


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      The comment box at the bottom of posts as usual come with the BBCodes formatting buttons. The buttons can be used to format new comments under each post.

      However, the BBCodes buttons & the WYSIWG function (if the “Visual” button is selected) have disappeared from the comment boxes for the pages of reply links, as well as the forum pages of each post.

      Unlike previously, one now has to type out the BBCodes, & there is no way to preview (via WYSIWG’s “Visual”) if the comment would turn out right. The “View” vs “Text” buttons remain in their usual places, but do nothing when clicked.

      Not sure if the aforementioned issues can be observed by logged-in users. Have the missing commenting functions been deliberately disabled ?

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        I’m not seeing anything different, even when not logged in on another browser… but maybe someone else is seeing a difference?

        You aren’t using ublock or another add-on that might block certain functions? I’m a non-techy, but do notice that some functions don’t work when using certain kinds of blocking apps…

        Maybe someone else has an idea of what is going on?

        (That last sentence was a test…  I haven’t submitted the reply… and it shows the BBCode on the text tab, and italicized on the visual tab)…

        Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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      I’m sick and tired of seing this…

      There is an issue with Windows and a third-party software that is related to a missing file (oem<number>.inf). Because of this issue, after you apply this update, the network interface controller will stop working.

      Microsoft brags of intelligent programming, AI and what not, so why not use a minute part of that to solve this “problem”?

      Put some code in the update to read current network setting (it was working perfectly fine before you decided to fiddle with it) and if anything’s missing, then either warn user and cancel update or – for the love of G^d – just write the flipping three lines of the “missng” text file.

      Couldn’t be simpler… unless you’re incredibly arrogant and can’t be bothered, of course.


      If I ever delivered code to customer back then, I would be… embarrassed? ashame? what-ever, but I certainly would fix asap. Especially such a minute no-brainer…

      /edit: just noticed, I’m not the only one noticing this 😀 and btw. I’m not hit by this nic issue.

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      Win 7×64  Home Premium,   home user.  I`m group A except I never download previews.  Home users don’t need them.  Never had a problem by not downloading them.

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        Group A doesn’t download previews (if you notice, they are in Windows Update, but unchecked- and Group A doesn’t take anything that is unchecked by default).

        Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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      Beware 1709 users, new out of band update with limited information, looks like it may “facillitate” = Force – upgrade to 1803 ? – Recommend wushowhide Hide this one for awhile.



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        Good advice thanks! I will look out for that one.

        I would preferred an alternative link though than softpedia as I find unlike other forums (including this one) they tend to delete posts which argue against any part of their news items.

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      KB4284848 update for Windows 10 v1803 posted June 26.

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