• Windows nagware patches KB 2952664 and KB 2976978 install repeatedly

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    They’re back again. And again. And again.InfoWorld Tech Watch
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      And this is the Company which wants us all to trust them to leave their Automatic Updates always on?

      Think about it, folks.

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      So should we not download/install them again? I know I skipped (unchecked) KB2952664 before. Not sure about the other one.
      Another name for some MS Updates could be Poltergeists!

      Have you seen the price of Tums? It's enough to give you heartburn.
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      “What happens if Microsoft pushes a patch that re-installs itself over and over again?”

      Lol, you would think MS has kept enough staff around after their latest series of lay-offs that can figure out THAT type of logic code.

      Also, what’s up these additional “updated” WU clients like KB 3065987 that’s currently being offered since Tuesday? They also had a June version last month as well that claimed to be better at scanning and (not surprisingly) “support upgrades to a later version of Windows.” This latests one says nothing at all — as if I did expect something, lol. Regardless, I’m again hiding both and sending MS a long-winded email if they un-hide it again because some people (GASP) would like to know the cost of a product after they try it.

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      I enjoy reading your stuff on InfoWorld – but InfoWorld is pushing so many advertisements out that the pages are unreadable. I have Adblock Plus installed on my OS X Safari browser, and it helps. Now, however, the entire InfoWorld page goes dim, and refreshing the page (which used to bypass the startup advertisement) doesn’t work any more. That means I won’t be viewing the pages. I doubt if you have any influence in these matters, but InfoWorld is getting worse and worse. The next release of OS X and iOS Safari will have build in facilities to block this crap – I think sites like InfoWorld (and it is not alone, by far) are going to loose this battle.


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      As you surmise, I don’t have any control over it. (Remember I took Google ads off this site because they were getting too intrusive – so now I don’t make a penny from the site.)

      Have you tried clicking the “Skip this ad” link at the top of those dim (I use the term in all senses) ads? That works for me.

      The folks at InfoWorld have to make a buck. I understand and respect that. Not much more to be said, I s’pose.

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      Mostly I think it’s a tempest in a teapot. But it’s an irritating tempest. Go ahead and make sure you have all of last month’s patches installed, turn off Automatic Update, and let’s see what next Tuesday will bring.

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      The interesting thing about these patches that get caught in infinite install loops is not that something like that cannot happen. It is the frequency with which MS patches encounter this issue that leaves me again questioning whether MS can reasonably support the new patching methodology associated with Win 10. It is inevitable that there will be a day when MS creates a mass borking of OSs for the folks (also known as cannon fodder) caught in their new fast release patching ring. Hope things work well but I count myself as a “doubting Thomas” for now.

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      I keep a list of all the bad and Nagware updates on a piece of paper beside my monitor. These are all the ones you’ve said not to download and install. I keep Windows updates in “Notify me but don’t download” mode, and I check each one carefully against my list before letting WU do it’s thing. Thanks very much! It would be good if you could find some other ads to put in to make some money from your valuable website.

      Have you seen the price of Tums? It's enough to give you heartburn.
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      Woody, I thought patch Tuesday was the second Tuesday of the month (07/14)? I saw that your defcon rating was still 5 on 07/09, so if people were thinking that they had until 07/13 to install all of the previous months’ updates, they will unfortunately be installing the new patches for this week? That’s why I was hoping that a deadline could be listed on your website for when the current patches for the month should be installed (after you have given the “all clear” rating).

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      I intentionally left the MS-DEFCON rating at 5. When I saw those patches coming down the pike, I just sighed: They aren’t malicious, and if Microsoft wants every Win7 and Win8.1 machine to sprout a new ad in the lower right corner, there isn’t much anybody can do about it. The repeated installation only happens to people who manually install, over and over.

      I’ll pull the MS-DEFCON 5 on Monday. Patch Tuesday is a relic — Microsoft’s trying hard to get rid of it — so I need to be extra cautious about “install” recommendations in the future.

      As for an expiration date… wish my crystal ball was good enough! I’ll just have to plod along and raise the red flag when it seems warranted. I have no idea how that’ll play out with Windows 10, but I figure we’re going to have Vista, Win 7, 8, and 8.1 around to kick for quite a few more years.

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      Very well put.

      The Fast Ring is for people (like me) who want or need to stay on top of the latest. I’m concerned about people who just want to keep their computers running.

      Time will tell, I s’pose.

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      Funny you should mention. I had an idea last night. It’s weird, but… a very good friend of mine has a new Android game out that’s fantastic. I’m going to contact him and see if I can run an ad on AskWoody. For an Android game. (Yeah, you read that right.) I wouldn’t make any money off of it, but it’d be hugely gratifying if I could help him get launched.

      Times change, eh? 🙂

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      kb2952664 just un-hid itself again a couple days ago. I’m really close to a FreeBSD installation on top of win7 Woody, really close. I’m assuming this is going to be a monthly occurance.

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      @Mr.Blobby –

      Argh. Just hide it again. Pesky little nuisance. Or install it, and don’t worry about it.

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      New year & here we go again! I could send a new e-mail to you, Woody, but here’s hoping you see this. In the January 2016 updates, KB2976978 is back to try & nag my Win 8.1 PC. I say ‘try’ because I’m neither updating with it, nor with KB3035583, nor with KB3075248 & KB3080149 (snoopware). All of those are ‘Recommended’ updates now. GWX Control Panel is still keeping me aware of any sneaks, & I’m grateful for it. As of now, I no longer include the ‘recommended’ updates with the ‘important’ updates. Waiting for the ‘Winter Update’ to see if I should upgrade to Windows 10; if Home doesn’t get the ability to control updates like Win 7 & 8.1, I guess I’ll pay the $99 ‘tax’ for Win 10 Professional in July.

      Bought a refurbished Windows 10 64-bit, currently updated to 22H2. Have broke the AC adapter cord going to the 8.1 machine, but before that, coaxed it into charging. Need to buy new adapter if wish to continue using it.
      Wild Bill Rides Again...

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      The ability for Win10 Pro to delay updates is inextricably linked to being on a WSUS network, isn’t it?

      I know there are settings, both in Win10 Pro and in gpedit, but I didn’t know that anybody’s found a way to make them work independently of a WSUS server.

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