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    i have 8 computers on my network.  3 – ms tablets on win 10, 2 ms tablets on win 11, laptop on win 10, desktop on win 11, ubuntu server on latest lts version.  ip addresses are in the normal range of  any windows machines file explorer can see (in the network section) 2 win 10 tablets, 1 win 11 tablet and the win 11 desktop.  in file explorer i CAN map to \\zerkelserver\disk2 successfully.  but nothing i do can force the full complement of computers to be seen.  the zerkelserver is listed as a browse master, as is the desktop computer.


    what am i doing wrong?  i’ve tried reseting the network on the win 11 desktop, i’ve changed IP addresses on the server, nothing works.

    John W Zerkel

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      Some things to check:

      Control PaneNetwork & Sharing Center\Advanced Sharing Settings
      Private network – Network Discovery, File & Printer Sharing – ON

      Control Panel – right click on System – Open (this will NOT be System in the Settings App)
      Are all devices in the same Workgroup? (Changes in Advanced system settings\Computer Name)

      In an elevated Command Prompt (run as Admin) can you ping all computers from from each one?

      See https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/networking-home-computers-with-windows-10/ and particularly this post.

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        all computers have network discovery turned on.  all have SMB installed/functional.  all computers are in the same workgroup.  all computers can ping the unshown ones.  BELARC advisor shows all hardware connected to the network with the correct IP addresses.

        i’m not completely without a clue….   grin…



        John W Zerkel

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      ok.  figured out most of it.  first, the Ubuntu server needed wsdd installed.  this made it visible to windows networking.  then on each windows computer, needed to restart the fdphost and fdrespub services.  things started working after doing the above.




      John W Zerkel

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      Windows Explorer has had problems with enumerating network computers for a long time now, especially with the depreciation of SMBv1.

      The work-around I’ve found works best for me is to place a shortcut to each machine’s shared folder in the Quick Access list.

      May the Forces of good computing be with you!


      PowerShell & VBA Rule!
      Computer Specs

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      Funny…   I’ve had a similar problem and used similar workaround as suggested by RetiredGeek.

      Nevertheless it is interesting that it remains such an issue.  I remember buying Windows 3.3 ‘for workgroups’ or something 30 years ago – why is it such an issue.

      I’ve searched for some sort of – any sort of – utility (which would just make the Win10 settings what they need to be for a typical home user with a couple of computers) offered by one of those clever programmers out there who understands Windows – there seem to be a lot of authors that understand Windows but they don’t program – but I can’t find one.

      Seems like it would be a very useful utility to offer.   Am I missing something?  Anyone know of such a utility?



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