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    I am looking for a program that can pull images from a .scr file. Any help would appreciated. TIA.

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      used an old prog called resource hacker way back at xp – maybe there’s a modern one

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      Angus has been updating Resource Hacker lately, his site is accessible at http://angusj.com/resourcehacker/

      Older versions are available at other sites, usual caution applies…

      [Moderator edit] changed link to http (his site doesn’t support SSL)

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      Tried that. No go thanks

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      The other possibility is the resource is stored in an unusual or plain binary format so it can’t be extracted. You might have to literally look at the file (something like spybot filealyzer, which  used to do that literally..) –  and see if you can get it extract that data somehow – the files (like EXE files) are often compressed, so say trying image recovery with data recovery software is unlikely to pull it out.

      I guess the other option might be to get it on a larger screen with longer image persistence (plain English, connect the displaying machine on HDMI to a large plasma screen, contrast down a bit and brightness up to light all bar the black areas and turn off any display  “enhancements”) and re-photograph the image (try several resolutions and “speeds” if your camera supports that).. and use autofix in PSP SE to sort the greyscale and hue properly (came with old scanners) or use something similar and more current.

      Of course if the SCR item was originally installed (I assume we’re talking about a screensaver which has been customised and you want your customisation files?) it could be the file has been stashed in an unusual location such as %appdata%, %temp% or even in program files, so if that image has always been there a trawl of the drive for files of the same date / time credentials as the original might illuminate where..

      There’s also a very remote possibility the image is in a “resource DLL” somewhere on the system.

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      You can try Online SCR File Viewer or convert to JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF..

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