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    When I went to defer updates for Win 11 22H2 to the latest date possible, Windows Update limited me to one week and I could not defer to June 30, my choice date.

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      I just tried and it let me do 5 weeks till 7/13. Did you click the dropdown arrow?

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        It looks like they changed the way you delay updates now.  You do it by week rather than a specific date.  I was able to delay updates by four weeks which is the standard for my workstation.  The PC that is used for streaming to the TV is always updated on patch Tuesday as it doesn’t do anything but go out to the Internet.  I did not see any issues at all yesterday.

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      Yes, I selected 5 weeks but it reverted me to one week.


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      If you are already in a pause or defer period, there is a limit on how much time can be added to it.  There are tricks to get around this – if you are on Windows 11 or 10 Pro, instead of ever using pause you can use a group policy change to alter how updates are installed.    See the section “Group Policy Setting to prevent unplanned download/install”


      If you are on Windows 11 or 10 Home, this trick is mentioned:  https://www.askwoody.com/2020/is-there-a-way-to-cheat-pause-update/

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        In the past I have used Winaero Tweaker. Go the the section on disabling Windows Updates. A cautionary note here, make certain it’s Windows Updates you disable, and NOT Driver Updates. They’re both under the “Behavior,” section, but Driver Updates are listed first as you go down/ scroll down the page. “Disable Windows Updates” is further down in the “Behavior Section.” Both headings have brief descriptions of what ticking the check mark will disable. Until you uncheck Disable Windows Updates in Winaero Tweaker, you WILL NOT be able to even check for Windows Updates, so be sure to untick that box after Ask Woody gives the DefCon 4 All Clear near the end of the month.

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      A cautionary note here, make certain it’s Windows Updates you disable, and NOT Driver Updates

      You should disable driver update in Windows updates.
      You should download drivers directly from OEM

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