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    I have been having trouble getting the monthly cumulative updates to work on only one of my PCs. Previously I had posted getting into a Rollback situation. Per instructions from a member, I permanently paused/hid updates.

    Recently I figured enough time (a few months) has passed so I let WU download the 2020-11 update KB4586781 and am getting error 0x800f0922. The information about this error on the internet is not helpful and I’ve tried a bunch of things that were suggested.  Any ideas how to diagnose or fix? Thanks!

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      Download the patch direct from MS and try a manual install. That will determine if the issue is WU or the patch.

      cheers, Paul

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      You will probably need the associated SSU KB4586864 which should be installed FIRST (before the CU).

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      Per the instructions above I downloaded both and I tried to install KB4586864 and it said it was already installed. I then installed KB4586781 and it churned for a while, rebooted, did the countdown and finally failed and rolled back. There were no error messages or other info.

      What now?

      Note, I researched this on the net and there were a whole bunch of suggestions, most of which I tried.

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      Now we need the update log to try to find the issue. See this article.

      cheers, Paul

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      Paul, I have attached the log. I looked through it but nothing jumped out at me.

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      That log show the update downloaded successfully.

      Now we need the CBS log to check the installation.
      CBS.log %systemroot%\Logs\CBS

      cheers, Paul

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      here you go. Thanks for your help.

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      I can’t see any sign of a rollback in that log.

      Can you rename the log, retry KB4586781, then post the new log?

      cheers, Paul

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      It may be better to install the MSU from the command line to enable logging.

      wusa C:\PATH-TO-UPDATE\NAME-OF-UPDATE.msu /log

      cheers, Paul

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      Can you try this tip on the app readiness service?  [Fix] Error 0x800F0922 When Installing a Windows Update » Winhelponline

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      OK i tried the stuff from the article on readiness service, the service was already set to Manual, i tried to see about the diagnostic partition but when I mounted it, it showed about 92mb free but a Dir showed nothing in it??

      Anyway I renamed both log files to start fresh and have attached the new logs as the update failed and rolled back. UhOh the new cbs.log file is 68MB!!! compressed it is 3.8Mb too big to attach. I was able to use 7zip so it will fit but it didn’t allow that filetype to be uploaded so I renamed to .zip but will need 7zip to open. Sorry


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      The CBS log didn’t upload.

      Can you rename the CBS log and then manually install KB4586781 with the log option? Hopefully the resulting log will be smaller.

      cheers, Paul

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      ok I tried it again, I wasn’t around for after it rebooted to install but assume it failed as it is still prompting me to download the update KB4586781

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      There is no sign of an attempt to install KB4586781 in CBS.log.

      Rename the log, then manually install the downloaded MSU with the log switch, #2313365

      cheers, Paul

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      my bad, forgot the /log switch. here is the correct log. PLEASE note it was 60mb so even the Zip was too big. I used 7zip and renamed it to .zip (so the forum would accept it) but you must use 7zip to uncompress it (after you rename it back to .7z). If you prefer here is a link to the uncompressed file in the cloud https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiHbTkcyJP90groTfz6L3RgSsCsC0Q?e=rlDJ43


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      There are a lot of registry access errors in that log. Are you sure you are an admin on that box?

      Try SFC and DISM to check the file system before going further.

      Is that the only update that won’t install? If so, I’d hide it for a month or two and see if subsequent updates patch happily, then retry.

      cheers, Paul

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      Yes I am admin (and only user) on the box and the update was done from an admin cmd prompt. I had previously run SFC and DSIM but will do again. I will hide it and wait a few months as you suggested.

      I appreciate you assisting with this.


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