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    I am running Windows 10 Pro, Version 1909, OS Build 18363.657, on my home PC.

    Every time I go into Windows Update. I am greeted with the msg:

    Some settings are managed by your organizaion

    So I click on View Configured Update Policies

    Then I see:

    Policies set on your device
    Exclude drivers from Windows Quality updates
    Source: Administrator
    Type: Group Policy

    I can’t seem to find who/where is setting that.

    Anyone have anything to help me change that?


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      Some settings are managed by your organizaion

      This shows there are some settings in Group Policy affecting Windows Update.
      Group Policy is found by entering “gpedit.msc” (without the quotes) in the searchbar.
      Whoever set up your computer put the settings in Group Policy.
      If you are not familiar with Group Policy, you should ask the person who set up the computer what settings they used.

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      This is my own personal PC.  So no one else has configured it.

      Can you give me keys / places to check in Group Policy Editor?


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        AKB2000016 shows some of the settings in Group Policy related to Windows Update. There is also a setting for excluding drivers with updates – it is not mentioned in the text but is shown in the pics of the settings.

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        This is interesting as I too have noticed “pre” defined policies (specific to Windows Update) showing up after a clean install of 1909. I have been doing a lot of clean installs in my virtual environment this past week – and ALL of them have specific GP items already set in the WU area.

        I have not checked on whether these are in place right after the OS is laid down or if they appear after a specific CU has been applied.

        But this is new and recent at least as far as I can tell.



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          Have you changed any settings in the GUI that could be reflected in GP?

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            No – this is directly after the install completes. Without touching anything.

            Install OS. Go to Settings->Updates & Security and press Check for Updates.

            I cannot remember if “Some updates are managed by your organization” banner is already visible when entering the dialog for the first time or if it suddenly appears when you click Check for Updates the first time.

            But something is driving this – at least in my environment.

            Now – I do use a very customized MDT build of Windows 10 to deploy with – but I do not recall having any  specific Windows Update settings being preset.

            I am now going to walk thru this again and screen cap the “preset” GP settings this time. Will report back.


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      Just *right*-click on Start, select Windows PowerShell (Admin) then, when the console appears, enter gpresult /R /V

      This will show you when Group Policy was last applied and show you the policies that are enabled for both COMPUTER (i.e. system-wide) and USER (i.e. for the current logged-on user).

      I would guess that under COMPUTER you’ll see this in the list:


      (where a shows the area and b shows the specific restriction applied)

      Alternatively, copy/paste the following into the console to dump the GPRESULT to a text file on your desktop:

      cmd /c 'gpresult /R /V > %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\gpresult.txt'

      This should make it easier to navigate than scrolling through the results in the console.

      Hope this helps…

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      Group Policy is not necessary used to set the policies, registry could have been used directly, which will not be reflected in GP

      start command prompt as administrator and run these commands to remove the “drivers exclusion” policy

      reg delete HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate /f /v ExcludeWUDriversInQualityUpdate 2>nul

      reg delete HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsUpdate\UX\Settings /f /v ExcludeWUDriversInQualityUpdate 2>nul

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      I’ve just joined this Forum specifically to thank ‘Woody’ for solving the problem that the thread title denotes. Bit of context first. In 2016 I had a computer built for me for music-making. It was top-of-the-range and still works perfectly and the company that built it would even ‘tweak’ the OS especially for music so I wouldn’t need to bother with any rooting about under-the-hood etc. Great, let’s go. However, in 2019 pre-Covid, the Windows updates stopped, and I first noticed the soon-dreaded ‘some of your settings are managed by your organisation’ message. What organisation I thought? It’s a personal computer that is mostly kept off the Internet. This week I installed a music software program that told me that the OS that I am running is not supported, and that some of the newest features will not work. And so back to the dreaded message of ‘some of your settings etc…’. I had tried fruitlessly to fix the problem over the last couple of years, but now when updated music software threatens to jump ship because of the OS, I really did need to solve the problem. So I must have spent (and I kid you not) about 20 solid hours scouring the Internet for solutions/fixes etc, all to no avail. And then halfway down a Google page, Woody came to the rescue. The answer involved going once again into the Registry – an old friend of mine by now – and adding a couple of string things with a couple of values, and then rebooting. And when I did reboot and go back to the Registry, guess what I found? Below the strings I had just added via Woody’s information, two new WSUS(spl?) server items with the name of the company that had built the computer!! Had these been deliberately hidden from my view over the many times I had visited this part of the Reg?? Surely not. But I know for a fact that this was the first time I have seen the company’s name anywhere inside the computer OS for over 5 years. Anyway, deleting the Windows update folder finally did the trick, and when I rebooted there were about 40 updates ready and waiting from MS. Thanks, Woody, And sorry for the ramble everyone. Must now type into Google: Are our computers sying on us??

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