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    I don’t need a solution but this may help others.

    My son phoned yesterday. “Help my computer won’t boot” (critical for his business). Diagnosis over the phone is painful but eventually I arrived at the diagnosis that bitlocker was causing issues – the laptop asked for his bitlocker key. Using his phone, he accessed his MS account. “There is no key there”. Presumably, that means he set up Windows 11 Home as a local account and his drive was partially encrypted. We tried some UEFI changes. They didn’t help. We were unable to access any Windows tools that may have helped via safe mode (e.g. he said SFC /scannow was running but did not seem to give a result or have access to replace files). By the time I found a link with instructions that may have worked around bitlocker, he had commenced factory reset.

    This morning I went searching for a cause. This month’s KB5012170 (update for secure boot) is my choice of suspect.

    My son’s laptop? His data are all in the cloud. He ordered another laptop last night so he has a backup if one falls over. This time Win Pro so we can configure notify updates.

    Coincidentally, I had a similar (but not identical) experience running Windows 10 earlier this year – unable to boot to Windows. My data are all in the cloud. The laptop is now about 3 years old. Data are in the cloud and I figure an occasional full reset is a good so did not bother looking for a cure. It was also an opportunity to upgrade to Win 11.

    Further oddity: Nobody else every configures a computer for me and I always use local account set up. When I checked my MS account there is a stray bitlocker key from 2017 with a device name I do not recognise and would never create. It is now deleted (but copied to a Word doc in the cloud first). Anyone wanting to check, use this link. It will ask you log into your MS account.


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      Anytime there is anything that hits “boot” code — man……have a backup.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      I don’t need a solution but this may help others.

      Both of you should create a full image backup to external HDD before any updates/changes..
      Restoring from image backup / restoring folders and files.. takes just some minutes.

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        I think I prefer recreating from scratch over battling with a Macrium Reflect rescue disk not finding the system backup on another drive (a larger USB may fix that).

        Also, In my case Dell says

        Support for Windows 11
        Microsoft provides hardware requirements to install Windows 11. If you have already upgraded to Windows 11 but do not see Windows 11 in the list of supported operating systems above, Dell has not provided Windows 11 drivers for your device and does not support Windows 11 on that device.
        A day is likely to come when Windows 11 fails and I need to go back to 10 as happened with my Windows 8 Samsung when Microsoft pushed 10 far too hard.

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      some known issues listed in MS support article 5012170

      Some original equipment manufacturer (OEM) firmware might not allow for the installation of this update.

      If BitLocker Group Policy Configure TPM platform validation profile for native UEFI firmware configurations is enabled and PCR7 is selected by policy, it may result in the update failing to install.

      To view the PCR7 binding status, run the Microsoft System Information (Msinfo32.exe) tool with administrative permissions.

      When attempting to install this update, it might fail to install, and you might receive Error 0x800f0922.

      Note This issue only affects this security update for Secure Boot DBX (KB5012170) and does not affect the latest cumulative security updates, monthly rollups, or security-only updates released on August 9, 2022.

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      over battling with a Macrium Reflect rescue disk not finding the system backup on another drive

      I use Acronis for years never had a problem restoring image, folders, files..
      For resorting folders, files.. you don’t need rescue disk. Just mount the image and copy.

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        Thanks. I want a rescue disk that gives more options in any case and may continue the battle with Reflect. A large USB should work around Windows aversion to my external HDD.

        Add a third Dell with a different issue (and no help needed from askwoody). “Can’t log on” said the owner “lost my password”.  Password recovery disk? “No”. Data? “Doesn’t matter”.  “Simple. Using the power button switch off then back on when the Dell logo appear. After the third time you’ll get some options, including factory reset”. Didn’t get the option! Support Assist from BIOS failed to run. The Windows licence record is gone, deterring a standalone installation. Still working on it. Doing it remote via SMS makes the  explanations from the other end extraordinarily difficult to comprehend. Maybe I’ll get hands on next week.

        BTW I am not anti-Dell. Its just that Support Assist seems useless in a crisis.  I saw an Inspiron dropped and bent up on its corner with no cracked screen and still working. They seem fairly robust.

        Group A (but Telemetry disabled Tasks and Registry)
        Win 7 64 Pro desktop
        Win 10 64 Home portable

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      I have read the various posts concerning KB5012170 and am not sure what to do.  Do I need to or have to install KB5012170?  I do not use Bitlocker and don’t have a Bitlocker key.

      Since I don’t use Bitlocker, is KB5012170 safe to install?   Will it enable Bitlocker upon the install boot and not boot?  Are there any other issues with KB5012170 to be concerned about?

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