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    Windows Xp and IE 11 is having issues. The company I work for has finally stopped paying MS for the support and now two months later issues have shown up. At first, it was small issues with connection that would resolve with a restart. Now the connections are lost fully and several unknown module errors are showing up. Has anyone had any experience with this? I search online but found not much.

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      @ anonymous (OP in post #1918635)

      Windows Xp and IE 11 is having issues.

      The average consumer who has not (could not) paid MS for extended support for WinXP will not have IE 11 on their system–IE 8.xx was that last updated version for them.

      But, your question(s) will be impossible to offer advice without much better information.

      What *connection* are you referring to–there could be a myriad of different types of connections in a business environment? Need to be *specific*.

      several unknown module errors are showing up

      No one will have any idea what *module* you are referencing. Need specific module name(s), and what software they are related to. And an exact quote of the error message(s) goes a long way in getting specific help for a problem.

      Good luck.

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        I have seen a couple post by others that have pay for MS XP suport so I am hoping those people might have deals to help with this.

        Connection refers to connect to Internet. IE11 does not load the site. Intrasite works fine.

        Error just says:

        “Unknown error occurred in unknown custom module.”

        There is no event logs of this error and no other details are there. There are no custom modules.


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      Remove the last three updates one at time until it works. Ms built self destruct into -Xp paid support if your time is running out. It usually is it the last three month updates.

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