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    This is more by way of an observation than to raise a problem, although if anyone has any suggestions I would be very happy to receive them.

    MS Exchange Server 5.5 (Build 2653.23 SP4) on WinNT Server 4.00.1381 being backed with Backup Exec 7.2 Rev 1119. Backup is to a DLT drive. I have set the “Auto Eject” option.

    As excepted the tape does not actually eject, you have the manually operate the handle to effect this, it does however turn off the LED to indicate the unit is in use and turn on the LED to indicate I can “Operate the Handle”. Just what I wanted.

    So far so good. The oddity, and hence the reason for the post, is that the job stays in “Current” mode until I operate the handle. It then re-ques the next night’s job, as it should, and completes running.

    The questions this has raised are: Why does the job wait for the manual intervention? and: Can I do anything short of turning off the “Auto Eject”? confused

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      Are you saying there is no ‘software control’ of eject – i.e. the only way to get the tape out is manually?
      If so, the software is probably waiting for a ‘tape ejected’ message back from the drive before continuing.
      Are you having to replace the tape to continue the nights backup (is the next backup to another tape?) or to another physical drive?

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        Yes, the software control seems to release the tape, but the unit, BTW it is a Quantum DLT 4000, have a handle which must be activated manually to eject the tape.

        I suspect you are correct that the “tape ejected” msg is not generated until the handle is “operated”.

        No, the complete backup fits easily on to a single tape. I was only interested in tidying up the procedure, mainly for when I’m not here to keep an eye on things. (I’m the lone IT body at this site.)

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