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    No, the earth isn’t about to tear asunder and demons aren’t poised to pounce. But there are some very simple, common-sense admonitions that every Wind
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      “You can now use Microsoft Edge on Windows 7” 😉

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      You missed the most important thing to tell Windows 7 users … the link to Stardock’s pages on Start10 and Fences.  Start10 is your savior from that awful Win10 desktop interface.


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        Why do you use Start10?

        Fences I understand – Microsoft sill hasn’t matched the features in that’n…..

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          I agree with your comment.

          IMHO Open-Shell menu 4.4.131 is superior to start 10.

          Byte me!

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            Classic Shell / Open-Shell seems to be a good product as well.  I got scared off it when the support issues got murky a while back and am still a bit leery about an open-source solution.  Maybe I’ll give it a look for my next system.   The point is that you don’t have to get sucked into the Win10 interface.

            I do have some affection for outfits like StarDock, the XYplorer folks, and others who provide great add-ons to improve Windows while Microsoft twiddles.


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      Keep using it.

      Until MS has a multiple-month record of flawless updates, in that they don’t trash systems, break something that used to work, or aren’t “recalled,” why would one want to give up using a solid OS for one that is unreliable??  As for WIndows-10’s much vaunted “security” enhancements…hardly the improvement MS would have you believe.  Good surfing habits with current antivirus software will keep you protected.

      Years down the road, when you need new hardware and (hopefully) Windows-10 has developed a good track record, then you’ll be forced into WIndows-10 as that will only be available with new hardware.  Until then, why change?

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      As a ‘light’ win7 user I have experienced ZERO problems since I quit doing ANY MS updates about 1 year ago. I had followed Woody’s advice and uninstalled all those pesky get win 10 gremlins, and their dozen or so versions, about 2 months after the fiasco started. Disabled updates. Applied ONLY the “security only” updates one at a time till last year, then quit them all. Now my 2009 Compaq win7 fires up & runs much, MUCH faster than my 1 year old win10 Dell PC, without any issues at all. Did I mention the 10 year old PC runs much, MUCH faster then the newer one. Very careful with internet use, & minimum malewarebytes. A whole lot faster! Magnitudes faster start, internet, documents, everything! Amazing…

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      At least there now is going to be one less problem causing source…  Now you only have to worry about hackers.  Not MS bad updates and hackers.

      Stay with 7, keep good backups, and watch others suffer the wrath of 10.  Smirk at the news of all the suffering as you continue using your sane OS for as long as your hardware supports it.

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      I have a question stemming from Woody’s ” What to tell friends who use Windows 7 article (Issue 16.12.0).

      In the article Woody said that he feels that most Windows users would be just as well off with a Chromebook and that they are “virtually impervious to infection”. But the link only leads to a Chromebook marketing page.

      My question is: Why is a Chromebook a reasonable replacement for a Windows PC for most users?

      I have an old friend who is about to retire after 50 years in an administrative position for a major university. He is in his 80’s and though very sharp falls into the clueless category about technology. Worse, his entire digital life has been rooted in his university profile, all of which will end abruptly when he retires. I have offered to help him capture his personal contacts and to guide him through this transition, but really don’t want to take on being his tech support for the long term. So I am looking for alternatives and have thought that a MAC might be an option. But would really like to know about the possibility of his using a Chromebook. His PC needs are modest – email and maybe something like Word.

      Any advice would be appreciated.

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      A Chromebook is a little cheaper than an equivalent Windows machine, but more importantly it doesn’t require you to manage updates, worry about dodgy patches or lots of viruses. If your requirements are modest it’s a much cheaper option than a MAC and less hassle than Linux.

      Why don’t you pop down to your local shop with him and test drive W/Mac/CB?

      cheers, Paul

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