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    Hard to believe, but there’s reason for hope. Microsoft seems to be genuinely interested in delivering more reliable Win10 patches — and willing to p
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      Woody – I haven’t received this mornings newsletter in my inbox.  I have activated my Plus Membership and I got last weeks newsletter just fine.  Any problems??

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      And I also don’t see the “Plus Membership” designation under my name – it’s just showing “AskWoody Lounger”!

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        Woody is kinda tied up atm but be rest assured we will sort your membership asap.
        Thanks for letting us know and apologies for the inconvenience 🙂

        Win8.1/R2 Hybrid lives on...
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        I’m not sure what happened, but I know how to fix it.

        I’ll send you email from customersupport@askwoody.com. I seem to spend most of my time there nowadays.

        Oh. And your posts should now show the “Plus” flare.

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      The way to improve it (patching) is to allow users to choose when and what to patch.

      That is the main reason I will never use W10 on any of my own machines.

      Data mining (spying) is a close second.


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        Allowing users to choose what to patch will lead to a support nightmare. Almost all users have neither the time nor inclination nor the technical background to do the necessary checking to determine which patches are really required, which might be required sometime, and which don’t apply.

        Allowing a temporary deferral of installation is OK in circumstances where program or hardware compatibility needs to be tested.

        For the VAST majority of users perhaps waiting a day or two is OK but that VAST majority should just install updates and get on with their computing lives.

        The better way to improve patching is an improved Q/A process and testing before release.


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          Allowing users to choose what to patch will lead to a support nightmare

          Certainly it is much better for Microsoft to force users into early end of life for their hardware, and have them buy new computers… for Microsoft, Intel, and AMD.

          Forcing telemetry, and allowing no choice to turn it off is much better for Microsoft’s training of its AI… but does nothing for me, except permit exploitation of me as an end user. Much different than buying a well tested and supported product for my own benefit and use.

          As someone from an area that hasn’t recovered from the 2008 recession, and needing to keep the old hardware running, as new hardware is out of the question… not being able to control W10 updates that cause actual problems was why people went back to Windows 7 and 8.1 (those that had friends to help them do so). Do they stare at a broken operating system , or go back to one that works? Telling them to go on updating and go on with their computing lives is sort of like telling them to eat cake… they don’t have any to eat, thank you…

          And people are going to find ways of making things work for them, even as Microsoft abandons interest in supply such a product… mentioning that we should be allowed to control updating as one of OUR needs, and feeling entitled to have our needs met (to protect and use our hardware safely and securely)… amazing that the end users designated as AI beta testers by Microsoft would think that their needs and wants matter? You’d think we’d know that what we want doesn’t matter by now… and accept the mish mash dealt out by Microsoft? Not a chance…

          Repeating that we should be doing just that, helps who? Not us…

          People, real people, who bought into using Microsoft products, or services, expect that those products would continue to be useful to us… and the ability to control updating has proven helpful in avoiding all kinds of bugs, up to and including BSOD… while Microsoft updates have proven to cause problems… I really don’t care what sort of servicing nightmare Microsoft might encounter while trying to subvert other people’s hardware into development of their AI. I just want to use my computer to communicate with others and do the work I bought it to do.

          Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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            Forcing telemetry, and allowing no choice to turn it off is much better for Microsoft’s training of its AI… but does nothing for me, except permit exploitation of me as an end user.

            I disagree that you do not benefit from telemetry:

            The telemetry data is used to keep Windows devices secure, and to help Microsoft improve the quality of Windows and Microsoft services. It is used to provide a service to the user as part of Windows.
            Windows 10 Telemetry explained

            How has Windows telemetry been used to exploit you?

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              When there is a power imbalance (big business vs one end consumer) the fact that the more powerful decided what is right for the less powerful is exploiting their power over the small Home end user. All people have the right to say no (and that means sending no telemetry, whether I personally benefit or not). Since I didn’t buy an operating system, agreeing to telemetry, but have had Microsoft morph into it over time (probably since they didn’t believe end users would choose such an operating system for themselves), and since they don’t allow anything except all or nothing, and they use the telemetry for their purposes (I don’t even have diagTrack on my Windows 7) I gain nothing out of their push…. not even a useful follow-up operating system, unless I allow access to my data as they force sucking it from me. All the problems I’ve had since W10 was introduced have been with Microsoft updating of my computer to meet their business model. Not malware. Their complete disregard for me needing well tested updates that won’t BSOD or disable parts of my operating system or the applications and programs I use is why I say that is exploitation rather than allowing and respecting the choices and needs of end users of personal computers. They are not using telemetry to improve my experience, but to train their AI… they did not make Bing search send data to the internet, to improve searching on my hard drive, but to collect data and target their advertising. They did not decided to include specific apps such as Candy Crush in W10 because I needed them, but because they made money from doing so. If I had greater access to what Microsoft is actually doing, I’d give more specific examples… but even their patching terminology is designed to obscure rather than be transparent, hoping that people will go along with their business plan, as they are baffling us with market-speak and continue to eliminate end user choices and control, actively sacrificing privacy to what security they are providing… Securing my privacy in all ways is far more important to me, than what little ‘security’ Microsoft offers… and even if what they offered was ‘better’ for me, who are they to make that decision for me? Vegetarians live longer- you really want to give control over what you eat to them, because it would be better for you? (Its better for the planet, too… so cede control over your personal life to anyone or anything that says its better?). Not happening on my computer! An ethical corporation that honored and respected personal freedom and choice wouldn’t be throwing its weight around like that, and would provide an off button, preferably an opt-in for telemetry, rather than simply an opt-out one… while providing clear, non-techinical access to the data being sent so privacy issues could be edited out prior to it being sent, and without requiring log in to a cloud centered Microsoft account to do so. Hmm… less than that regarding the end Home user, is exploitation of their power… How else could it be interpreted? Ah… yes… we aren’t really acting like big brother, look at all our pretty ads and be happy that we control things? Trust us? Microsoft needs to demonstrate being trust-worthy first… and its still my choice to say no even if they were acting trust-worthy. This “have to trust”, or “have to use it this way” because we’ve systematically eliminated the option to opt out, is power-abusive exploitation.

              Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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          So, it is better to allow Microsoft to bork your Windows installation than miss a questionable update?

          OK, whatever.

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      Dear Woody,
      Microsoft has a long way, as in several months of error-free updates, to go before the Windows-10 update instability is solved.  Until then Windows-7 remains a very viable choice for those for whom a reliable and stable OS is of paramount importance.  As for Windows-10’s much vaunted security improvement…that could easily be debated.  Spyware, malware, etc., etc. are still very alive on Windows-10.  MS’s focus has to be on fixing problems and bugs, some of which have remained unfixed since Windows-10’s initial release.  Their “What’s new” arena with each update has to be closed and all resources devoted to the “What’s Fixed” arena.
      Windows-10 has to develop and maintain several months of solid reliability if there any hope of Windows-7 users even wanting to consider moving to Windows-10.

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      Please use the “Text” tab in the entry box when you copy/paste.

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      Having worked with V&V (verification and validation) for applications where lives would lost plus 100s of billions of $s if the applications failed to predict behaviors correctly —- I find M$ a total joke.  My reading of their efforts are, they don’t care in the slightest.  Where are the users going to go?  The simple answer is Linux.  BUT I as many others have too MANY files that are based on MS apps.  Could I change them?  Yes if I wanted to spend the time but word processing is painful.  Learning a different environment is beyond most users.

      There is are many reason HPC machines use Linux.  I think there used to be one HPC machine using Windows but I haven’t checked lately nor do I care.

      The very old joke that I’m sure most of you know is “how does M$ do quality testing?”  They call it version 1.0 and release it.”  At this point the answer might be changed to “Windows 10.”

      Thanks to Woody and his crew for their efforts!!  I do use their reviews and other output because I do have a machine that uses Windows.

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        BUT I as many others have too MANY files that are based on MS apps. Could I change them? Yes if I wanted to spend the time but word processing is painful. Learning a different environment is beyond most users.

        It’s not even the word processing or existing files, it’s the workflows and user interfaces… well, that and interface libraries for working with other things.

        File format conversion is just once, and even without conversion, compatibility is fairly good even if used straight, nowadays. Workflows and user interfaces are constant and amount to a lot of “cultural baggage”, also not just technical but a social issue as well.

        Then again Microsoft isn’t committed to maintaining a specific user interface either and we’ve seen how it goes with workflows too… sure the Office suite is fairly consistent most of the time, but not always, and anything outside that…

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