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    When using Track Changes, InsertionsDeletions By Author, each user who modifies the document will have a unique color assigned. But, when we save the document, all colors default back to the original author of the document. This issue is document related only. We cannot replicate the issue in other documents. Has anyone ever seen this issue? Thanks

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      Hmm. There is a setting in Tools-Options-Security that removes personal data upon save. Which sounds like a good idea, but wreaks havoc with redlining intentions, sometimes. When it is ticked (I learned that word here, “ticked” — from our European writers probably — and am charmed by it), after the first save, all track-changes hover-text reverts to “Author.” And I believe that this is a document-specific setting.


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        When it is ticked (I learned that word here, “ticked” — from our European writers probably — and am charmed by it) …

        Some of the time I remember to translate and say “checked” for the benefit of those speaking a different dialect from mine, but sometimes I don’t.


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      Thanks for your reply – Word 2003 has SecurityPrivacy Options under Tools, Options which are currently disabled.

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      I’ve seen this happen (rarely) with documents that had track changes and that have crashed. If that is the case, then it may not be possible to get this particular document to work correctly with track changes going forward.


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      This same issue just started happening with us when our I.T. dept switched users to roaming profiles. Would that have something to do with it? I checked the settings under security, and the ‘remove personal information’ check box is unchecked. And, this is happening to multiple documents with multiple users on multiple machines. Gack.

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      Word should be using the User Information (Tools > Options > User Information) to determine the identity of the current author of the document. Is this for any reason getting changed when your users log in from different machines/locations?


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      Yep, Gary. It is. Didn’t occur to me, but users now have restricted access – not administrator rights. Our IT Dept says they can’t make changes like User Information, File locations.. some of the things we used to be able to change in Options. So when someone changes their User Information, it defaults back to a generic user when they exit the program. I.T. is now reconsidering this since hearing the squawking about it breaking Track Changes. Thank you for the suggestion.

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