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    My daughter has a Win 10 installation with Office 2013 installed.  An important file offered to replace with an unsaved version, and she clicked to perform the replacement.  She then found out that her file – which had been often updated – reverted to its original (2008) version of the file, and she has been unable to find the latest version.  Any of the recovery options say that there is no earlier version and “backup history” is null.

    Is there a way to recover the latest version?

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      In the Search box by the Start menu copy and pate the following and press the Enter key.


      If you setup is normal, this is the place Word stores unsaved documents. NO promises because I don’t know if Word saves versions on the re-version of a document, but it is worth a look.
      On Some Office setups the unsaved documents can be found at the following location on a normal setup.


      I assume there is no backup to refer to, because that is the easiest way to recover the document.

      For future reference: You can setup Windows to automatically backup documents on a regular schedule. This will happen again.

      HTH, Dana:))

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      In Windows Explorer, try going to the folder where the file was saved to. Then right-click on the folder an in the popup menu see if there are any previous versions of the folder and its contents.

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      Neither approach worked.  Thanks for suggestions.

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