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    In Excel, you can create a Personal.xls to house all your personal macros, put this spreadsheet in XLSTART and it opens with all your macros everytime. So I thought – what a great idea to do something similar in Word – create a template called Rons Macros.dot and place in the Winword Startup file. The only problem is how to move macros from one template to another – it is probably a very simple thing to do confused, but for the life of me, I cannot figure this one out. nuts brickwall

    Any insight that anyone can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks. thewave

    Ron M smile smile smile

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      You can do it with a copy and paste but it is neater to do it at the module level. This can be done easily in the VBA editor in the Project Explorer (View > Project Explorer) if both the source and destination templates are open. Using the Project Explorer you can drag and drop a module from one template to another which creates the module in the new template.

      You can also right-click a module in the Project Explorer and choose Export File to save the module out as a .bas file. BAS files can be imported into other templates via the same right-click and choosing Import File.

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      And yet another way to do copy macros at the module level is to use the Organizer.


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