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    I’ve had a difficult evening. First, doing November updates Windows crashed (dump report below) on a driver for my brand new Steel Series APX 3 keyboard (my MSI laptop’s internal keyboard is also Steel Series) but, WU shows the driver did install OK and I updated the related software. Found that quality upgrades did not install, ran WU again, got through that.

    Then I went back into WU. While most of my PC’s, including an antique VAIO, offered 22H2 (except a 20 year old HP), this year or so old MSI GE75 raider never has – and still doesn’t. I’ve cleared the download cache, restarted the WU service. sfc / scannow found nothing. WU troubleshooter found nothing (and it otherwise seems normal).  Same with DISM.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

    On Thu 12/8/2022 11:41:37 PM your computer crashed or a problem was reported
    crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\MEMORY.DMP
    This was probably caused by the following module: ssps2.sys (ssps2+0x34B7)
    Bugcheck code: 0x10D (0x7, 0x697EE08E0658, 0xFFFF96811F71F9A0, 0xFFFF9681201C4D00)
    file path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\ssps2.sys
    company: SteelSeries ApS
    description: SteelSeries PS/2 Driver
    Bug check description: This indicates that Kernel-Mode Driver Framework (KMDF) detected that Windows found an error in a framework-based driver.
    This bug check belongs to the crash dump test that you have performed with WhoCrashed or other software. It means that a crash dump file was properly written out.
    A third party driver was identified as the probable root cause of this system error. It is suggested you look for an update for the following driver: ssps2.sys (SteelSeries PS/2 Driver, SteelSeries ApS).
    Google query: ssps2.sys SteelSeries ApS WDF_VIOLATION

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      This might offer a solution, take a look at this page https://www.askwoody.com/newsletter/ms-defcon-2-the-maintenance-window-for-windows-closes/ , specifically at the bottom.

      Steve Gibson’s InControl.exe worked for me and I went from 21H2 to 22H2 in Win10.

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        FYI… After Susan gave the all clear for Feature Update to 22H2, I edited Group Policy on Win 10 Pro 64 Build 19044.2251 to change WindowsTargetVersioninfo from 21H2 to 22H2. However, WU never offered 22H2.

        Based on the info above, I downloaded InControl, toggled it to allow 22H2, and voila – 22H2 is downloading/installing as I type. Thanks for the clue.

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      I feel like an idiot.  I’d forgotten about this and had previously used it to lock in 21H2. And since it doesn’t install, it’s easy to forget.


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      Plus, after unsetting Incontrol, you have to say NO to Win 11 and that will trigger 10 being offered.  The actual update to 22H2 on Win 10 took about 2 minutes.  Of course, there’s hardly anything in it and what little there is isn’t downloaded, just enabled.

    • #2528742

      Incredibly easy to do – and to forget that you’ve done it!  🙂

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      I have tried InControl. It does not offer Win 10, 22H2.
      I have followed all directions with no success.
      When I run InControl, the lower left says “10 22H2”, then I “Take Control” and Exit.
      I then release the Pause function, but do not get the “feature update” as I expected. When I tried, I only got 21H2 updates!
      I am obviously missing something or doing something incorrectly and would appreciate any assistance/advice.

      I have Win 10 Home, 21H2.
      I have Metered set to ON. I also have the registry changes defining Win 10 and 22H2.


    • #2529909

      I don’t claim to have an answer for you, but on my last PC needing to be updated, I released control, went into WU, and 22H2 was offered and installed normally.  I did it after the Jan 2023 updates installed.

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      I have tried InControl. It does not offer Win 10, 22H2.

      You probably need to reboot first.

      Use WUmgr and click the the Search button (two arrows in a circle). This will tell you what is available. If you want, you can also hide / install from WUmgr.

      cheers, Paul

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      You could also download the 22H2 enablement package and “manually” update your PC to 22H2 (see my post #2491427 for the download link.)

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      The first time I have used an enablement package and it worked fine! Thank you.

      Though I wonder why it does not show up as a feature update when viewing update history (as 3 previous feature updates have shown)??? Just to be a “noodge”, would you know why?

      Again, thank you!

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        The first time I have used an enablement package and it worked fine! Thank you.

        Though I wonder why it does not show up as a feature update when viewing update history (as 3 previous feature updates have shown)??? Just to be a “noodge”, would you know why?

        Again, thank you!

        @Gunny, I had the same question as I prepped to update via this way in the last two days.

        When I “googled” ie  browsed ‘Microsoft KB5015684’ yesterday, it showed ‘only applies …up to Win 10 21H1 with pre-requisites…’ yada yada. I was confused as it didn’t state for 21H2. Wish I would have taken screenshots.

        Moments before your post (as I was going down that same route to do the upgrade today), googling Microsoft KB5015684, it now states/includes 21H2 in it’s verbiage https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/kb5015684-featured-update-to-windows-10-version-22h2-by-using-an-enablement-package-09d43632-f438-47b5-985e-d6fd704eee61

        As this new “updated” version of KB5015684 is so recent, I’m not sure whether to forge ahead?

        What do you think @alejr and Ask Woody?

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          I used the enablement package Sunday. My PC was at 21H2 and after using the enablement package my PC shows I am now at 22H2. I have not found any PC problems so far, except for the peculiarity (i.e. not a real problem) of not showing the feature update in the “Update History” section, as I previously mentioned.

          Per the above, I do not think there would be a problem for you going to 22H2 from 21H2 via the current enablement package. Of course, make a good backup first!



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      Shows up as a feature update on on my system.


      Not sure why it wouldn’t on yours as well.

      • #2530489


        I do show the same in the “Uninstall an Update” section.
        I was referring to the “Update History” section where I show my feature updates from 1909 to 21H2, though not the 22H2 update. I should have stated that more clearly.

        Thanks for the help and head’s up!


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      Win 10 21H2 to 22H2 – think M/Soft may have tweaked their enablement package as per my post #2530186. Perhaps they are trying to force it now through WU?  I wonder what will happen to GP settings et al, as I noticed so many having issues with GP stgs, resorting to GRC InControl and still having issues. Further registry changes in latest release, or M/S realizing that route bypasses some of their control? Who knows, it’s Microsoft. I’ll await AW guidance. TIA

    • #2530260

      MS want you to have 22H2 on W10 – that’s why there are different ways to install it. If it won’t install via WU, there is some issue with your machine and the easiest bypass is the enablement package.
      Hopefully this will fix the update issues.

      Once it is installed you can use InControl etc to manage updates again.

      cheers, Paul

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      All an enablement package does is turn on various features that already exist in the older versions of Win10; which is why it’s so quick and only requires a single reboot.

      As for your speculation that MS has tweaked it? Unlikely since they’ve “officially” announced a halt to development of new features for Win10 (i.e. the current 22H2 feature set is pretty much it for Win10.)

      While it’s “possible” they may decide to back-port some features from Win11 into Win10, it’s extremely unlikely as they’re hell bent on forcing everyone over to Win11 (regardless of whether you want it or not!)  Not back-porting some hot new Win11 feature to Win10 would just be another incentive to force users onto Win11.

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