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    I’m running Windows 10 Pro 21H2.  What I’d like to do is prevent updates, drivers..etc. from downloading and installing, and then pick the ones I want and hide the rest.

    After reading 153 posts at this link:


    I couldn’t find a common answer for the options panel settings to do what I want to do. This is likely due to the different Windows versions, group policy editor and update settings.

    •  Automatic Update(Default) or Disable Automatic Update.
    •  Disable Store Auto Update.
    •  Include Drivers.  (3 settings: empty, checked, partially filled).

    Login to see attached image.

    I’m curious what other folks are using for the option settings.  Any help would be appreciated.



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      Here’s mine.


        1. My Windows Update group policy settings are configured as recommended here on AskWoody for Win10 21H2.

        2. I enabled the “Do not include drivers with Windows Updates” group policy.

        3. I disabled the “Update apps automatically” setting in my MS Store to prevent automatic updates for my Nvidia Control panel and Intel Optane Memory and Storage Management.

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      I am on Windows 10 Pro with blocked drivers and notify=2:

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      Here is the setting I’m using on Windows 10 Pro 21H1 to prevent updates with WUMgr


      Apologies it’s not in English, in essence

      – I checked the radio button for “Disable Automatic Update” and this automatically checked the box for “Disable Update Facilitators” and the box for “Hide WU Settings Page”;

      – I checked the box for “Disable Store Auto Update”;

      – I left the “Include Drivers” untouched, i.e. it was partially filled by default (I have a Microsfot webcam on this PC, so I let WU offer me drivers on this system to check if new webcam drivers are released).

      With these settings all (automatic) updates are prevented, i.e. Windows does not search, offer nor install anything at all (not even drivers). To be on the safe side, when new updates are released I use WUMgr to search for updates and hide everything. Then, once I’m ready to install, I unhide the updates I want to install, select them and hit the “Install” button to download and install directly from WUMgr.

      I’ve been using this setup for several months now and so far it worked nicely. I also use the same setup on a Windows 10 Home 20H2 machine and can keep my connection set to unmetered without the risk of unwanted updates installing automatically behind my back.

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        @Berserker79.  Are you using any group policy switches or just letting WuMgr do its own thing?  Thanks for the details.

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          Sorry for the late reply Mike. In answer to your question, I’m not using any group policy switches and I just let WuMgr do its own thing.

          BTW, I forgot to mention in the earlier post that with the above WuMgr settings I regularly receive automatic definition updates for Defender (this requires to leave your  the network set to “unmetered”).

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      I use “metered connection” to limit WU and use WUmgr to check for updates and hide unwanted, then I let WU do the work – mostly.

      cheers, Paul

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        So Paul.  I assume you have the majority of your WuMgr settings/options “disabled” and just do a manual check?


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        I use “metered connection” to limit WU and use WUmgr to check for updates and hide unwanted, then I let WU do the work – mostly.

        I used to do the same on my machines some time ago, but I noticed two drawbacks:

        1) Defender updates were prevented from downloading;

        2) setting connection to “metered” did not prevent WU from downloading certain updates, such as monthly CUs and that pesky KB4023057, as soon as they were pushed. Those updates were not automatically installed, but WU prompted me to confirm ‘download’ through a “metered” connection (when it had already downloaded the updates) and hitting the confirm button simply started the installation process.

        In one particular unfortunate case, WU downloaded the monthly CU mere seconds before I hid the update in WuMgr: this apparently caused the system to be unable to later install that update (from both WU and WuMgr) once I unhid it. Only solution was to download from the Catalog and do a manual install.

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      I use this options:

      But in my case, i don’t know why, it does not install all updates.They fail.

      I had been trying wumgr in a hiper-v vm with a clean windows 10 (just installed, a few minutes before) (without network and local account).

      Once installed without internet, i copy the wumgr folder folder from a usb, disable automatic updates, and block WU servers, and reboot. Then enable network in the vm, start vm, enable the WU servers, search updates, download and try to install them.

      Only installs two and then wumgr says failed to install, showing the rest of updates as pending.

      When i reboot the vm windows, and try again, happens the same.

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        Could it be that the updates fail because the box to Block Access to WU Servers is checked? Try unchecking that box and see if the updates now work.


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          Could it be that the updates fail because the box to Block Access to WU Servers is checked? Try unchecking that box and see if the updates now work.


          No, in this case is not because “Block Access to WU Servers”, was checked. As i did read it had to be unchecked / Disabled before trying to search for new updates and downloading / install them. So i directly unchecked it, before searching for upates.

          Even is need, sometimes, to reboot first after uncheck it, because says something like internal error, but once reboot done, it works well.

          I have discovered, in my windows,  works fine, but not in the vm. So it seems is something related to the vm. In windows, (the physical install, not the vm one),  lets me search, and install any update without failing, if you login directly as admin.

          If you use a user without administrator credentials and you resort to “Run as administrator”, does not work well, at least for me, as i discovered that when you try to download any update it fails with a message like this:

          Failed to download file C:\Users\cgmodo\Desktop\WuMgr_v1.1b\Updates\KB5010793\9a6f5315-5a8e-4a64-951e-6cc37b8a4913
          Download failed: System.Net.WebException: Error on remote server: (403) Forbidden.
          en System.Net.HttpWebRequest.EndGetResponse(lAsyncResuk asyncResuk)
          en HttpTask.RespCallback(lAsyncResuk asyncResuk).

          So it seems was a problem with vm, as in my windows 10 21h2, once i login as admin, works perfectly fine :).

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      I use this.

      I use wumgr because I don’t want win to automatically update things.

      So I check disable automatic update. Simple. hth.


      - Thinkpad P15s Gen1 20T4-002KUS, i7-10510U, UEFI/GPT, 16GB, Sammy 500GB M.2.
      - Win 11 Pro 23H2 WU. HP laserjets M254dw & P1606dn, Epson 2480 scanner. External monitor Dell s3221QS for old games.

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      Last year I discussed some of this via private messages, that routine use of WuMgr does not need re-booting every time updates are done.

      The main point being that one should never, ever, have the “Automatic Update” radio button checked.

      If the “Disable Automatic Update” is lifted, then Windows just goes ahead and proceeds as it wishes, as if WuMgr wasn’t even involved.


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      routine use of WuMgr does not need re-booting every time updates are done

      Windows updates determine the reboot requirement, not WuMgr.

      cheers, Paul

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        One poster’s advice for running WuMgr was to change a setting (Automatic Updates) in WuMgr that required re-booting for that change to take effect, and to change the setting back after doing the updates, and re-boot again, to have WuMgr take that updated setting.

        My stance was that WuMgr does not require re-booting every time updates are run.

        (That may be part of the confusion the OP here was seeing in the 153 posts in the other thread he read. My advice is mainly for beginners of WuMgr, is that Automatic Updates should never be enabled, at least until they know what all the other settings do.)

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      The OP asked for our WuMgr settings, so I will show mine. I’m using Windows 10 Home, and only use WuMgr. That is, I don’t set any registry keys or use any other 3rd party update manager.

      Auto UPdate

      (When setting WuMgr up, if one finds that neither radio button for “Automatic Updates is set, you might need to set the “Disable Automatic Updates” to make clear which one is wanted, and reboot for that.)

      Then every month, I wait for the Defcon 4 annoucement, then open three browser windows, one for the main Master Patch List, another for the “avoid” list, and the third for the current discussion of the announcement. Then every offering from WuMgr is searched for on those three pages, and I Hide or check for installation based on what I see.

      (If one wants to keep a record of what is done, the WuMgr’s Links button gets a text dump of the updates that can be copied into one’s notes.)

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      I just started using wumgr, mostly works easy but I am having trouble installing a wanted update from it. A windows defender d/l did fine and I had no trouble installing. I tried the update from 21h2 to 22h2 on windows 10 and got an error loop when I tried to d/l



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      As WuMgr uses Windows Update to do all the work, the issue will be with Windows.

      Give it a few days and try again. If that fails, reset the WU queue.

      cheers, Paul

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      As Paul T pointed out, it uses Windows Update to do all its work and, if you look at the log at the bottom right of your screen shot, you’ll see it indicates Windows was unable to connect to the remote server to download the KB5019959 update.


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