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  • wushowhide & 1809

    Posted on taftbaby Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    Home Forums AskWoody support Windows Windows 10 Questions: Win10 wushowhide & 1809

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      AskWoody Plus

      I use wushowhide to check for available updates. I checked this morning for available updates and it showed 1809 as an available update. As per Master Patch list I did not want to install 1809. So I hid it. I do not know where the update went but it is not in hidden updates? And it did not do an auto install (Thank Goodness)! Any ideas what happened? Thank you for your time!

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      I’ve had a similar experience, although not with a “Feature” update. I’ve hidden “Quality” updates that disappeared in the same way. Don’t show as hidden.

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      To be certain after you initially hid the update with WUShowHide, did you verify it was now in the list of updates to Show?

      If Microsoft pulls a patch from Windows Update it will disappear from WUShowHide lists. (I do not know if changes to an update’s descriptive metadata will cause it do the same.)

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        AskWoody Plus

        Thank you for your reply. I hid the 1809 update, closed wushowhide, was no longer on the “hide” list, checked the hidden list and it was not there. wonder where it went and if it will come bavk! I do eventually want to update to 1809 but will wait until it is considered safe. In the mean time, I’m wondering if it will come back! WU is such a confusing mess!!! Thanks again for your post.

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      I’ve just seen the same thing.  I had successfully avoided moving from 1709 (Win 10 Home)  to 1803 (until I was ready) using PKCano’s method (wushowhide + metered connection, etc) from November untl February.  I would check wushowhide every few days to make sure 1803 and KB4023057 (that awful update program) were hidden.   Occasionally I would find those 2 updates gone from hidden updates, so I’d re-add them from the ‘hide updates’ option.  Last month, 1803 disappeared from my hidden updates, and wasn’t available to hide, but 1809 was.  So I hid it, and grabbed the 1803 ISO, thinking I’d update when I have time.  That was all fine last time I checked a couple of days ago.

      So, today what do I find, NO hidden updates and NONE available to hide!  I think based on some rather irate postings elsewhere on this site, MS has started pushing out 1903 and has ignored any settings preventing that from happening.  Is that correct?  Why won’t 1903 show up as available to hide?

      Is it possible that they see a 1709 version (support ends next month) and decided to push the latest (which I assumed was a beta or early adopter version) to my PC?  Will I have any luck upgrading to 1803 and trying again to hide 1809 and/or 1903?

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        Da Boss

        At this point, 1903 is still an Insider Preview, so you won’t see that before it’s released.

        If 1803 and 1809 are not being offered to you at this time, just sit tight, one of them will be eventually. Unless you want to upgrade, don’t go checking for updates. And keep hiding KB4023057.

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          Thanks PK.  That was some weird MS Voodoo when I wrote my post …. today when I check, all my previously hidden updates (1809, KB4023057) are there as hidden, so I’m not sure why they didn’t show up the other day – other than I had shut down my PC, rather than putting it in sleep mode.  Under Settings>Updates, I’m being told 1809 and KB4023057 are waiting for me to ‘retry’ downloading (failed due to metered connection), but I’m not clicking that yet!

          What’s your advice on moving forward?  Move to 1803 (using the downloaded ISO) or go straight to 1809?  (I’m on 1709 Home ed. v 16299.846)  I have been using the Master Patch List to determine when to manually install patches.   I don’t want to have to install programs if I do a clean install, but I imagine as per others postings, I’d have to go and re-do all the settings and follow the win update instructions to make sure I lock it down after the install is done.

          BTW – I had to remove KB4023057 … despite it being hidden, it snuck in at the same time as the Adobe Flash update KB4483078.

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            Da Boss

            I don’t think 1809 is quite ready yet. If you read Woody’s ComputerWorld article, I think you will get that impression too.
            If you want to upgrade, you can upgrade to 1803 from the ISO and choose to keep your programs and data, The way you do that is run setup.exe from within 1709 when you plug in the DVD/USB installer instead of booting from it. That way it is an in-place upgrade and you can keep everything.
            Otherwise, wait for 1809 to be stable.

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              Thanks for the advice, PK.  Since 1709 is out of support in April, I think I’d best get on with the in place 1803 install.  Are these instructions still applicable for going from 1709 to 1803:


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              Da Boss

              Yes, those instructions should be good. The first time you go on the internet (with metered connections and wushowhide on the machine, and if Pro Group with Automatic Update set to enabled, value 2 (notify download/install)) – be sure the first thing you do is run wushowhide and hide the updates you don’t want. Use AKB2000013 to clear the update queue after you hide and before you do any updating.

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              I used the AKB200013 before (great advice)- it helped me regain control and has kept things at bay.  I don’t have Pro version, so can’t use the group policy.  Fingers crossed everything works – have some prep work to do beforehand, but will hopefully get it done on the weekend.

              Thanks for all the great advice and tips!

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      Hey PK – followed all your advice and had a successful in-place upgrade from Win 10 HOME Build 1709 to 1803. So far, no files appear to be missing and apps are all working (haven’t done a deep dive – but don’t have a lot of apps I’m worried about.)
      Questions though … I assumed the 1803 ISO I downloaded (just before the switched the download to 1809) would be for the latest build (beginning of 2019). When I burnt the ISO onto a USB so I could get the setup.exe, I checked the version and it was for 10.0.17134.1 which I assume was the first roll-out of 1803. That is also what WinVer says.
      I ran wushowhide, and got these recommended updates:
      – Adobe Flash Player KB4462930
      – 2018-10 Update for Win 10 1803 KB4100347
      – 2019-02 Update for Win 10 1803 KB4023057 …. no way I’m installing that!
      – Malware software removal tool KB890830 ….. I always hide that one too
      – 2019-03 Security update for Adobe Flash Player KB4489907
      – Update for Win 10 1803 KB4480730 …. doesn’t exist in MS Update Cat as others reported.
      – 2019 Cum update for 1803 KB4489868
      So, other than the ones I noted, should I let the rest rip which means getting the lastest March versions? Or, should I be go back to February patches and manually install them from the MS catalog?

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        Da Boss

        Recommend you hide these:
        2018-10 Update for Win 10 1803 KB4100347 – Intel Microcode
        2019-02 Update for Win 10 1803 KB4023057 – upgrade facilitator
        Update for Win 10 1803 KB4480730 – upgrade facilitator (see today’s blog)

        The others should be safe.
        The ISO is old. If you use the Media Creation Tool, I think you get a later version (if not the latest).
        Oh, well, it’s just one update!

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          Ok, sounds good and much easier than trying to figure out the last patch versions! Clarification questions:
          1. Any necessary SSU update will automagically come with the Cum update?
          2. Because the installed updates history is gone, can I safely delete everything under C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution (would have been from all 1709 updates) so I have a clean version under 1803 with and less space being taken up?
          3. I also see the upgrade must have copied and renamed the previous C:\Windows folder to C:\Windows.old. Is that something I can safely delete later on when I see everything is satisfactory>?
          4. And one last question … I assumed the in-place upgrade would leave the old restore points, but they are gone. I knew I’d have to turn Sys Protection on again (which I did and created a restore point once I was satisfied with the install), but didn’t think the old restore points would be nuked. Using them is always mentioned as a way to get back to previous state, or is that only within the same version (ie 1709)?

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            Da Boss

            1. Any necessary SSU update will automagically come with the Cum update?

            The SSU should come with the CU in Win10. Just in case, the latest for 1803 is KB4485449 (new in Feb).

            2. Because the installed updates history is gone, can I safely delete everything under C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution

            Hold up on this. It probably got wiped out with the upgrade.

            Leave the Windows.old folder there in case you have to roll back. Once you have a settled version running and you are sure things are OK, you can run Disk Cleanup\Cleanup System Files and clean up previous versions, windows update leftovers, etc. Give yourself at least a couple of weeks after the last update.

            You have to re-enable System Protection after every upgrade. If you upgraded from XP to Win7, would it make any sense to do a restore? It doesn’t restore the the whole OS, just system stuff. Same here. I suspect it gets wiped in the upgrade anyway.

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              Thanks PK, once again your advice is spot-on!
              I just did the Cum update KB4489868 (and the others that were deemed ok) and it must have automatically included the SSU because everything seems fine. All good, now just need to monitor for a while and keep my eye out for an offering of 1809 which I don’t want yet! I’ll do the other clean up as suggested after a few weeks of stability.
              Re restore point… I guess it’s a bit confusing because of the naming… it’s clear when it changes (like from Win XP to Win 7), but not so much when they keep calling it Win 10 but change the version number!
              As to Joe’s point – the Media Creation Tool gave me an 1809 version of the ISO, which I didn’t want. I found a method to get the 1803 from some other advice/forum since MS wasn’t offering it anymore. Interestingly, I found (after, of course) an old USB stick I’d downloaded 1803 on (June 2018) and it was also 10.0.1734.1, even though that date should have been a higher build number.
              Now I just have to do some research into why windows starts so slowly… this happened with 1709 starting in January (played with some search services that seemed to fix it) but it’s back with 1803. Leading suspects are Cortana, SuperFetch, Office Click to run or maybe Norton according to Task Mgr. I’ll wait to make sure things are stable before making any changes, but if anyone has any suggested articles that would help, I’d like to know!

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          AskWoody MVP

          To my knowledge, when you use the Media Creation Tool you get the latest released build.


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      AskWoody Lounger

      Is it still possible to upgrade from 1709 to 1803, or is it too late?
      If still possible, please point me in the right direction for finding the needed .iso or other files for 1803 and the technique.
      IMPORTANT – my PC dual boots Win 7 Pro 64-bit and Win 10 Pro 64-bit (currently 1709). Will the technique for upgrading 1709 to 1803 wipe out my Win 7 partition?

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        Not sure if anyone else has a source for the ISO, but I just upgraded from 1709 Home to 1803 home (see above with advice from PK), but I found a copy with instructions at this site: You are actually getting it from the MS download site, just using pureinfortech’s recommended browser voodoo to access it. Hopefully MS hasn’t clued in and prevented access! As I mentioned above, it is build 10.0.1734.1 and doesn’t have any patches included so you have to do that after.
        I followed PK’s advice above to the letter and didn’t have any problems. I think it took about 1.5 hours. And then another chunk of time to apply the February Cumulative patches.
        Don’t rely on any restore points (like some tech articles suggest) created through system protection – they get wiped out.

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