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    Hey folks – I generally perform a “check for updates” on win10 1709 when Woody declares MSDefCon4. In the last few months I’ve been following advice to hold off the main feature updates by using WUShowHide to identify what’s about to be installed. However, although it’s been about 3 weeks since I last used this to check if it was safe to click the dreaded “check for updates” function, when I now use the tool, it checks for updates for a much shorter time than previously, and after a few seconds (yes, seconds) of checking, it then reports that there are no updates to hide.

    My alarm bells are ringing based on the short timescale for the checks; feels to me like the tool has been knobbled in some way. Can anyone confirm this?

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      I have used wushowhide recently on 1803 and 1809 and it has worked for me. I know, that’s not 1709….

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      Thanks – good to know. I’ll hang back a little and wait until something (hopefully) appears on the list before taking the plunge. Not sure if 1709’s data store for WUShowHide has been deprecated! Cheers,  Marc

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        If you have Pro version, with CBB/SAC set, you won’t see the “Preview” CUs issued outside of Patch Tuesday. You will only see the Security CUs issued on the second Tues of the month.

        If you want to see the “Preview” CUs you will need to set the CBB/SAC(Targeted) and no deferral on Quality updates and no pause.

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      Yes, I use Win10 Pro. Checking my update history, the most recently applied updates are shown as being installed on December 27th. These were :

      Security Update for Adobe Flash Player – KB4477029

      (no description) KB4023057

      Cumulative Update (no description) KB4467686

      Has anything new been released since then? (I do have quite draconian update settings to ensure I don’t get what I don’t want, especially since when a feature update is introduced, it appears to [mess] about with the drive structure, causing licensed applications to “think” they’ve been copied to a new PC (and all manner of frustrating license resettings then ensue!).



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        Yes, you should see the January CU KB4480978, the Flashplayer KB4480979, and a .NET Rollup. BTW, you have to have the Windows Update Service running for wushowhide to work.

        You also may see another version of KB4023057 and the Intel microcode update KB4090007 (neither of which would I recommend installing)

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      I just updated to 1709, and wushowhide is working fine for me.

      The following show up in wushowhide when I run it
      KB4134661 – Provides a notification of an improved privacy experience on upgrade to the Windows 10 April 2018 release
      KB4041994 – Update for video playback on Windows 10 version 1709
      KB4056254 – Windows 10 update facilitation service
      KB4090007 – Intel microcode updates
      Realtek Semiconductor Corp. – Extension – 8/23/2018 12:00:00 AM – 10.0.17134.1
      Intel Corporation – Extension – 7/5/2018 12:00:00 AM –

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      Yep, OK – I’m not seeing anything shown at all on the WUShowHide “hide hidden updates” dialog. My last update was December 27th, as stated.

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      Yes, windows update service is running.

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      Hi. I had paused my updates until today when I read about Jan updates ok to install. I have Dec updates installed on 1/7/19.  I set the block for 1809.  The only update I saw was KB4023057 – with the error.  How do I stop this from installing?  BTW that KB is already installed from a prior date! : o

      2018-11 Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057) – Error 0x80070643

      Assuming I can stop KB4023057 from installing, I would try to update again for Jan updates. Or just wait until next month – not sure how to proceed. thanks.

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        Start by uninstalling KB4023057 – it should be in Settings>Apps.

        Use wushowhide to hide the current version. After you hide it (and any others you want to hide, including 1809), you will need to clear the Windows Update queue so they won’t install.

        Run wushowhide to be sure there are only updates you want in the queue. And try again for the Jan. updates.

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          thanks.  I’m not very good with this stuff, so I have more questions – I appreciate the help ; )

          I see KB4023057 in there twice – 5/31/18 & 1/7/19 – with different names.  5/31 is “Windows Setup Remediation”  and 1/7 is Windows 10 fox x64.  Should I uninstall both? I am not familiar with uninstalling using ‘Apps’.  I see both KB’s in control panel programs – does it matter if I use Control panel or apps to uninstall? Also, what is wushowhide and where can I get it?

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            You can remove KB4023057 from either location, as many times as you see it.

            You can download wushoehide.diagcab from Microsoft. You can use it to hide updates you don’t want to install. Put it on the desktop. Double click on it. Choose “Advanced” and uncheck the box to make changes automatically.

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              When I go to the Microsoft page to download wushowhide – my antivirus blocked a url  –  sawinternal blob core windows net

              I scanned the download and no threats were found – but could it be that MS url/download has been compromised?   Has anyone else had this happen or know what this is?  I see it on my ublock and that did not block it.

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              It’s doubtful the MS page has been compromised.

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              I think I answered my own question.   WHOIS shows the registered owner of that url is Microsoft Corp.  And blob storage has something to do with Azure.  So I think it’s ok. Red alerts on my antivirus make me nervous!!

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