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    I have 2 Intel updates for my 1909 Pro which I can’t hide.
    The updates appear in both hidden and unhidden.




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      Should I delete all data in SoftwareDistribution or just rename/delete C:\Windows\WinSxS\pending.xml ?
      The laptop hasn’t run daily ‘Check for Update’ due to the pending drivers (drivers updates are blocked on my laptop).

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        Of course have a backup available before proceeding…

        You can delete the SoftwareDistribution folder*, the action will clear pending updates and hidden updates. Also your update history might disappear from View update history. You’ll have to reboot and immediately hide updates.

        Does the pending.xml file contain references to these drive updates?

        *I have not tried PKCano’s less destructive method.

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          I think I have fixed it by using wumgr (instead of wushowhide) to hide these 2 updates.
          Checked with wushowhide and they were gone 🙂
          It seems there is a bug in wushowhide which presented the updates as both not hidden and hidden.
          Will wait for next Windows Update run to be sure.

          Deleteing C:\Windows\WinSxS\pending.xml was advised on some forum but I don’t have the file on my system.

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            Curious! Wumgr.exe takes me to windows explorer and the  folder wumgr in Downloads and it is empty. no SoftwareDistribution folder to be found, nor pending xml.


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              SoftwareDistribution sub-folder is in the \Windows\ folder

              pending.xml I think is for certain files to be renamed that require a reboot/restart

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      If you need to update Intel drivers, get them from Intel. Intel drivers are here:

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      Is there a way to remove hidden updates without installing them? I have an old set of intel drivers that I ‘hid’ some time ago and are outdated. I’m using win10 pro ver 1909 bld 959.


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      I have basically same issue.  Real strange – never had this issue before

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        I finally went ahead and let it install….but I cannot find where it was installed nor when. Looked under installeded updates,and uninstall updates, device mgr. Gone away…and no issues.

        Another msft gift of conundrum #infinite

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          Thie is regarding wushowhide issues AND aug patch tues offerings.

          I am using win10 Pro ver 1909 bld 18363.959

          First I cannot get rid of that Intel Corp – HDC 12/20/2018 dl offer. I have hidden it for a long time now, as noted above I tried to let it install, and now it is still hidden and nowhere to be found installed. I have looked in device mgr, control panel and installed updates,drivers, other. FYI I have drivers blocked from dl/install.

          On or about 13 Aug, the aug offerings appeared-notify but not downloaded, as it should have been( alittle late but they showed up. I ran wushowhide and hid both offerings- I do not recall what the numbers were but I had them hidden, right. So it appeared. Then WU finally checked again and all disappeared from the WU Que- as was supposed to., still hidden awaiting the go ahead . Curiously, on about the 15th Aug, the same updates appeared and I was notified ready to download. Huh! So I hid these too. What else could I do? Dont want to install and take my chances. So I checked hidden and there they were.

          So Also were the intel offering or whatever that file is. But tonight I checked in hidden again(paranoia runs deep) and that dang net previw(kbXXXXXX900) is there and it has been installed successfully TWICE already , along with the intel ‘wont go away’ file.

          So I am at a total loss about whats going on. How will I get the Aug updates now? There were only 2 so I assumed msft knew what I needed but twice offered then gone?

          Any advice/observations would be very much appreciated-

          I have attached several screen shots illustrating what my words may be lacking I hope.



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            Be patient and the updates will pop up again, hopefully. 🙂
            There is no need to worry about them showing in the update queue as long as they don’t install when you don’t want them to.

            cheers, Paul

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              This [problem] just convinces me Pkcano’s methodology is suspect, likely because wushowhide is buggy- that is it works for some but not for all…kinda like microsofts patches. I guess I’ll just go back to PAUSE and HOPE(fully) msft doesn’t remove that capability!


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              PK’s method will be tested and sound.
              We know MS updates can be tricky but they are delivered amazingly well given the number, location and configuration of Windows devices out there.

              Stick to PK’s suggested settings, backup and then relax in the knowledge that all we be as well as possible.

              cheers, Paul

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